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  1. A tragedy for those involved and their families. May they rest in peace
  2. We have a 495, its a great little unit. Bought a Hand held transceiver (iCOM) as a spare too.
  3. Cant go wrong with a Garmin Congrats on PPL
  4. Anyone going to Oshkosh this year? I'm going on the Anzac Express and will be there Monday afternoon Cheers :big_grin:
  5. Steve Maltby is the Local Director Cirrus Australia. He strikes me as a very competent Pilot and would be very familiar with the AC and its capabilities. He was doing Demos with a Turbo SR22 in Emerald late this year.
  6. Having created my own EFATO due to "Human Factors" last weekend, and survived I think it would be good if experienced people on the forum would give their own advice on the options when the Cooling fan stops. My experience was when at pre takeoff checks I noticed the fuel taps were in different positions. All I can say is that the two planes I fly have fuel taps that toggle in different directions. Somehow instead of turning both on I turned both off. Amazingly I got to 200 feet and then clunk no power. All I did was nose over keep the airspeed up, flaps out and landed with plenty of runway to spare. My poor instructor who had been watching from the hangar had a near heart attack, I was not phased at all just felt very stupid.
  7. I agree, Rules and regs dont cover every scenario do they, hence the need for some acquired knowledge. This last weekend was much better, I did a solo nav. There was a nice inversion layer at 4000 feet and the Texan I was in was trimmed up beautifully. The interesting thing about the smoke inversion layer was that the visibility started to drop again near Middlemount and the air became more turbulent over the burnt out areas. Maybe not the best time of year to fly but really reinforced the navex principles for me.
  8. You could write a book about Aeronautical decisions making (In fact I am sure someone has). A rational discussion of Flying in IMC and its issues must be an essential item. Some training should be available for those who desire it - and that is the GA pathway. Having said that Fear is an interesting thing. Saying "Don't go there" to some people is like waving a red wrag at a Bull. Others (like me) start worrying big time about the scenarios, so much that we might over compensate and turn a minor problem into a big one. I was doing a NAV up near Dysart a couple of weeks ago. There was a 90,000 hectare bushfire in the area and we flew right into it. I developed a loving relationship with the EFIS screen on the Speed until almost 7000 feet when we topped out of the smoke. If I had not had the insteuctor sitting next to me saying keep climbing keep climbing not sure what I would have done as I had no clue where I was and could not see a Horizon.
  9. I think we need Human Factors Training I think some of the more obvious issues around "Human factors" should be spelled out to new pilots. We were never born to fly, our bodies aren't designed for it, and >70% of accidents are attributed to human failure. Regardless of what old salties feel there is a lot that isn't obvious and the number of people choosing Recreational aviation is growing. Not everyone will have the chance to learn by experience and perhaps then it may be their only experience.
  10. My instructor says two small statements just before take off - anything goes wrong you have control, aim for maximum 30 degrees either side of flight path. It is a mantra of his, seems almost subconscious. If the fans stops it will probably be the first thing I think now.
  11. Thats why I like these forums - experience talks volumes ;)
  12. Thanks for the tip about the heading bug, thats very useful :thumb_up:
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