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  1. Thank you for the reports Sounds like luck was on their side in this incident, but we all know that luck is totally unreliable and good airmanship is a better option. (Or should I have said "airpersonship"?
  2. Just checked in to RF and would like to know what happened. Can someone please post a non-judgemental summary of what the video showed?
  3. Apologies for the weird layout on the previous post. I kept shrinking the pics to get all the info on screen, but couldn't find a way to delete the extras. Any ideas how nto delete an image before posting? Thanks.
  4. Here's how I set the blades on my 3-blade Bolly. The idea isn't mine - it was given to me way back when I built the BC. The prop hub has an AN 4 bolt projecting forward from its centre to centralize the spinner up near the spinner nose. This bolt was accurately centred in a lathe. The hole in the tool fits over this bolt, a foolproof way of ensuring the same measuring radius for each blade. The square tube sits flat on the front of the prop hub. making each blade adjustment relative to the hub face. It doesn't matter what attitude plane is at. The carpenter's profile gauge is then pushed on to
  5. Memories of a KFM powered Jabiru! In my logbook is my 2nd dual nav exercise in Jabiru 55-678, a KFM up front. They made about 50 HP as I recall. My task was to fly my CFI (and aircraft owner) from Pt. Pirie to Woomera where he had a couple of students, spend a few hours wandering around Woomera and then return mid-afternoon in about 30 degree heat. I vividly recall being at 2,500 ft. over salt pan country, full throttle and descending at 500fpm. The instructors advice was not to worry, we'll find a thermal soon. As a previous gliding CFI he knew what he was doing and sure enough, we soon asc
  6. Thanks for your suggestions, all much appreciated. I have a tube of Inox MX6 Foodgrade EP grease which seems ideal. Its fully synthetic, contains Teflon and is recommended for use on rubber. It will only need a smear on the aluminium pegs to allow the shock cord to slide around them as it stretches. Once in place there is no significant further relative movement.
  7. Answer: - much, much more than you would think possible. Several Avalon Airshows ago on the Saturday evening a wind storm went through the row of parked aircraft and inverted many. About 4 aircraft away from mine a Savannah was picked up and dumped inverted about a plane length behind its tied down position. It had 4 tie downs; each wing strut, nose and tail. I helped dismantle it on Sunday morning and one of the strut attachment plate assemblies had been pulled apart in tension. (Not rivets pulling out, but the plates torn apart). A Foxbat close by had been picked up, flown over the top of a
  8. Any ideas please on the most suitable lubricant to help fit bungee rings. I'm replacing mine again, and want to make them slide easier around the mounts as they are stretched - no easy task as each ring has a test load of 1160 lbs (527 Kg) and they are doubled up around the mounting pegs. Current thinking is tyre bead mounting paste, but am not sure about its long-term effects on the rubber strands and cotton covering of the rings.
  9. No problem, if the dog's sniff test clears you. She's the boss here after all.
  10. Snap! you have described my lifestyle to perfection. The multiple concurrent projects, the computer hidden amongst all the other info being processed, the several books being read concurrently (always last thing before lights out), the firewood routine - we planted a woodlot of 260 trees back in 1992 to keep us in firewood for space heating and hot water in winter. Old adage:- cut your own firewood and it will warm you twice. It works. We have in the past camped as neighbours at Narromine and Temora, but I don't think we have ever talked. How about a flying trip to my home airport at Pt. Pi
  11. I will read new posts every few days, but refrain from posting unless I have something meaningful to contribute. I have, over the years, gained (and I hope offered) much useful information from the forums (or fora?). I have also been rather peeved by speculation, nitpicking and blatant aggression in posts. I'm still in awe of what Ian has achieved on our behalf despite unfounded criticism at times, and sincerely thank him for his undying efforts. Please keep up your support to keep our contact alive.
  12. Restoring and exhibiting old cars, stationary engines, generating sets. Electronic control design and manufacture. Heritage native vegetation preservation and maintenance on our property. Machining and welding for family and community. Active local SES member including primary response Road Crash Rescue. And I'm supposed to be retired and avoiding Covid due to to age restrictions! To quote my maternal grandparents -" I'll wear out, not rust out." Wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. So what am I doing wrong? My Subaru EA81 out of a Brumby ute has been propelling me around Oz (including outback Oz) for 800+ hours over the past 14 years. It all comes down to the details of the conversion, particularly cooling. Done properly they are just as reliable as any other properly installed and maintained engine, aviation or auto origin. The only downside is that , in my case, the total firewall forward weight is 20 Kg more than a Rotax. The plus side is that up-front and scheduled maintenance costs are minimal and there is no calendar time-out to plan for. When (and if) a rebuild i
  14. I still use a Ferguson FE-35 petrol/kero tractor from the mid-1950's. The workshop manual gives specs for 3 different fuel versions:- Petrol, Vaporising oil and lamp oil. Petrol turned out 38.0 BHP on a compression ratio of 6.6 to 1 Vaporising oil 30.5 BHP on CR of 5.0 to 1 Lamp oil 29.0 BHP on CR of 4.3 to 1 I assume that mine is the 5.0 CR and it starts, runs and idles faultlessly on 91 unleaded petrol. I confess that I can't recall having removed the spark plugs in at least 15 years because there's never been the need! So there's 3 possibilities for what's in the drum.
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