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  1. Merk

    Tecnam P2008

    What did it fly like .I have seen a couple at Natfly here in Australia.They look like a very nice plane.Wonder how long before they get the fuel injected Rotex in them
  2. I have not flown since end August,Couple weeks later I was in hospital and Dr dont want me to fly just yet.I was hoping to take a mate for a fly before he moved away but that is only 2 weeks away so I guess I will have to fly up there and take him for a fly
  3. Merk

    Paul could you tell me about Camden Haven air strip.Have a mate moving up to Kendal and I was going to take him for a fly before he left but have been sick and he leaves in two weeks.
  4. I have a mate that has Just brought a property near Kendall about 30 minutes by car from Port Macquarie.Is there anything around that area. Thakyou
  5. [ATTACH]12576.vB[/ATTACH]We flew from Wagga to Cootamundra then to Tumut(were I took this photo off Blowering Dam) Then back to Wagga.We landed at Coota and Tumut we then did a touch and go at Tumut before checking out the dam and flying home
  6. Its a great feeling to go solo I had my first solo on the 27th feb and did second on13th march, did .3 and.5had bad weather the weekend in between
  7. Merk


    is there any charge to get into natfly at the gate.I cant see anything in the magazine
  8. Is there a electronic device that picks up planes.If you are out the middle state somewere it would be safer to have a device to see other aircraft. I have only done 5 hours but I like to know were others are
  9. finding things a little easier went early this morning the last 2 been later in the day.Was in the air by 8 am this morning,that made for smoother flying.still very nervous, but lot better this morning
  10. just wondering when you join RA do you order you training manuals through your flight school or RA Australia
  11. It was very thick,from another from Wagga. Car washes were busy for a few days
  12. when I got back to work boss has cut out all my overtime which works out to about $150 per week so will have to check finances before I go up again:angry: Not happy.I will work something out
  13. new here I had an intro flight in a Jabaru a couple weeks ago.Was on holidays.Was one the best things I have done
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