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  1. Has anyone had any dealings with this company. Their website says Zenith aircraft are using them. 14k usd and will replace the 3300 on a Jabiru with little modification. I love Honda products and would be interested to know about any Australian experience . I copied this picture from the Viking website.
  2. UPDATE on Lawrie. I spoke with him earlier this evening and he is in Charters Towers. He tried to get to Mareeba today but the weather sent him back to Charters Towers. When back on the ground he picked up on a couple of minor repair issues which are being sorted by a father and son team at the Charters Towers airport. Waiting for parts, he will spend at least the weekend where he is. Although grateful for being somewhere assistance is readily available he is a little frustrated that he is falling a bit behind his schedule. When I passed on the encouraging comments that are being made by people when hearing of his adventure he told me there are a couple of media outlets trying to track him down. He is a little surprised at the interest but it is no surprise to the rest of us. His undertaking is an extraordinary effort for anyone and one that not many will ever achieve regardless of age. If you see a mature blue and white C-172 with its mature owner please go and say hello.
  3. waraton

    led strobe lights

    Old thread here but the question is the same, what is being used in projects and where did you get them?
  4. waraton

    Show us your lightwing

    Lightwing GR 912 25-698 - Bruce C has been busy, engine mounted! Won't be long wings and tail feathers will go on....watch this space!
  5. Thank goodness and not a minute too soon after the mess I found behind the dash today ! Wireless....how dreamy! Seriously that BOM device looks spectacular. Jetjr, what was the issues for the pilot you know who installed one ?
  6. waraton

    Viking 130hp Honda Engine.

    From Viking yesterday...... Spring Sale Next 6 Viking 130 engines are now only $8,000! Click Here To make deposit Be sure to get your Viking 130 HP Engine Now *Must be paid in Full by May 20, 2017. Visit Viking Aircraft Engine Forum at: http://vikingaircraftengines.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network Didn't say what is included, that works out to be around $10,600 AUD.
  7. I have taken on a new project which has one of these Mizer Northstar fuel flow monitors installed, it is unserviceable. The company is long gone so replacing it with a new model is not an option. Is there an automotive or marine unit which is functional and sidesteps the aircraft price tag ? I have had a google sqizz and not had any joy, so all gems of wisdom will be gratefully received.
  8. waraton

    Show us your lightwing

    Lightwing GR 912 25-698. Today Bruce got the brakes and main wheels installed. Here I am doing a final clean-up of the firewall before the engine gets installed in the next week or so. Tail wheel assembly tomorrow then she will be back on her own feet for the first time in a long while. 698 seems to be straitening her posture and has the start of a smile appearing now we are on the home stretch.
  9. This posted today by a bloke called Neale Dunstan from Singapore on the Australian Facebook site Aviation Buy Sway and Sell. He says it can be a PPG as well as 3 axis. Sounds cool, check it out......... This is the text on the Facebook post Shadow aircraft kit production. Guys (and gals), I'm about to start ordering materials to get the first round of kit production rolling. The Shadow is a 2 seat tandem (2 abreast coming soon) totally modular, keep at home aircraft. The Shadow was primarily designed for use by the RV motorhome community for those people who would like to have an airplane with them while they are touring. It can be towed behind a car on it's own wheels, or mounted on a cradle on the back of an RV motorhome for transport. IT DOES NOT NEED A TRAILER for transportation. When not in use, the aircraft stores in a small corner of your garage or a corner of someone's hangar. It doesn't burn up space. Storage footprint is 6ft x 3 ft. The wing strips down to bare spar tubes, so again, minimal storage space is required. It can also be converted between a powered parachute and conventional 3 axis aircraft - reason for this - if you are in an RV, you can have the PPC variant up and flying in about 10 minutes whereas the standard 3 axis aircraft takes about 45 minutes to set up. Powerplant is a Rotax 503 or 582 but other engines can be used (HKS or Hirth). The aircraft is lightweight, max t/o weight is 1000 pounds. Assembly of the kit will take an average person no more than a month, it's all tubular so it's pretty simple. It is open cockpit (but so are the majority of trikes and PPC's out there), cold weather fairings are coming. You can also mount it on floats for when you want to go swimming (at your favourite beach). The first aircraft will fly with a wing from another established ultralight while I finalise the new fully modular strip down wing design. I'm in the final assembly stages of the prototype so if you want to be an early bird and get a discounted price on a kit, get in now. I'm offering the first 100 kits at USD $6500 but you need to get a deposit down (USD$500 refundable) via my Paypal account "[email protected]" . I'm still trying to get the aircraft to Oshkosh but not confirmed yet. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you want more info.
  10. waraton

    Viking 130hp Honda Engine.

    Described by Viking as the weight after a test run including oil, 102kg. By comparison CAMit 3300 82 kg (dry), Jabiru 3300 83.5kg (ramp). The Jabiru firewall forward package from Viking currently being worked on, according to their forum.
  11. waraton

    Photo thread for the heck of it

    A wonderful rainy day in the Silvery City, good for a game of hangar handball. We've missed out on the rain so far this year so today was great to settle the dust.
  12. waraton

    Viking 130hp Honda Engine.

    This from Viking; "We are currently working with a customer who is installing out Turbo on to a Jabiru. This is the first installation, we do not have the cowling designed just yet but we are working with our team to complete this month". I have requested some more info and an update so will post it here when it becomes available. I am still keen to hear from anyone with an Australian experience with this system irrespective of aircraft type. I note from Viking promos that DUC propellers have developed an in flight and a ground adjustable (using one allen key) prop system which Viking say was developed specifically with their engine in mind.
  13. waraton

    Show us your lightwing

    Lightwing GR 912 25-698 Half-way through Prep-Sol clean up preparing for paint earlier today. WARNING - you may need to seat yourselves before scrolling down further to see the job Mike has done on our classic Australian made machine. I did give notice this was hot, looking awesome!
  14. waraton

    Viking 130hp Honda Engine.

    Hope so Bats, it sounds a bit like a pipe dream doesn't it, affordable, reliable and longevity. I started flying in the mid 80's, almost 40 years later lots has changed and lots not. Why can't we have it all, its 2017 for fsake. Why is it so hard? At least this thread has got a few flyers I spoke to today asking the same questions.
  15. waraton

    Show us your lightwing

    Lightwing GR 912 25-698 is being masked up ready for painting tomorrow. Wheels back on, tail feathers going back on ...very exiting and I know we've said it a few times but it won't be long now. A new bird in the huge blue skies that smile over our Silver City. Bruce C and Peter J on the job this week. Will be as good as new and will be worth the wait. Go Bruce!
  16. waraton

    Viking 130hp Honda Engine.

    No Australian experiences during the last 12 months and mostly opinions otherwise. I would like to know if they are in the air and how they are performing in our conditions.....please!
  17. Watched it with the kids, loved it! Great job Tim, we have the book and often talk about Jacky Boy and Black Betty, so popular in fact my 9 yo took to his red diamondback push bike with Matt Black Spray paint and named it Black Betty.
  18. waraton

    120hpTurboprop engine

    Flyvulcan I have a deposit and a 19 registered 230d that wants that....put me down for one please....WOW!
  19. waraton

    Sport Pilot, Your views

    I recently signed up for a 2 year Sport Pilot subscription which cost me $129. Thanks to RAA this year I saved $500 on my insurance which offset the cost of aircraft rego, my licence and the subscription.The hard copy is much better than the online version because it hangs up in the dunny much easier than the laptop. The classifieds are back and if some of the "tell us about your last flight" and other fantastic stories that our group contribute here were shared with Sport Pilot it would be universally in demand and reflect more of what is happening out here, there and everywhere.We could all help with that for the benefit of each other...couldn't we?
  20. waraton

    Engine Choice Jab' vs Rotax

    Does anyone have recent experience with Hirth? Specifically the H30 equivalent 3002 E/V.
  21. waraton

    Fuel Cards

    Hunting through old threads looking for suggestions on getting fuel cards, Many pumps accept Credit Card swipe....but not all. Drew a blank with anything recent so would appreciate some current feedback please.
  22. waraton

    RAA Insurance

    Today I renewed my hull insurance with a liability top up. I decided to give the RAA preferred insurer a go, PSB group. They were almost 25% cheaper than my previous insurer and around 30% cheaper than the next nearest quote. They have an on-line quote system via the RAA website which allows you to work out what suits. The saving covered this years registration, membership and magazine subscription. For me, it was worth having a look around.
  23. waraton

    Headset Recommendation

    I love my David Clarke 13.4s, if you keep your eye on gumtree you will pick up a set for less than $200. Just plug them in, no batteries, no Bluetooth distractions and in comparison bits are cheap and very durable. I also have have Lightspeed Zulu 2s which are good with plenty of features but are not cheap.
  24. waraton

    Show us your lightwing

    GR 912 25-698 Restoration progress. Engine installation under way. Bruce and his helpers have been plugging way in the Silver City.