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  1. Mick60

    Murphy Rebel?

    Alan, I flew Don Matthews' Rotec-engined Rebel 4 weeks ago. Pretty sweet machine in my opinion. If you're going to Watts to look at BHI, Mullumbimby isn't too far out of your way. PM me if you want more information Mike
  2. Hi Daniel, just checking if you have any hangar space available. Don't have anything yet, just doing the groundwork. Cheers
  3. Mick60

    Just landed

    G'Day all, I'm based in SE Qld and just joined RAAus after many years flying GA. Planning to get my RPL over Christmas-New Year. Long term goal is to build something, not much spare time at the moment, but never say never. In the meantime I'm looking forward to exploring this fantastic forum and meeting fellow enthusiasts. Cheers!