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  1. I was the mechanic maintaining the vehicles in a film called Ground Zero made out of Coober Pedy in 1986. Was Fun.
  2. I have fitted a Dacom intercom unit out of a Gazelle to a Bendix King radio in a Skyfox. Inter com between occupants is excellent, reception from other aircraft is good, but on transmit only sends the carrier but no voice. Does anyone out there have any ideas of the problem? Cheers, Robert.
  3. Have you still got this 912. Does it still run? How many hours and where are you.Cheers, Robert.
  4. That's Sad. Doesn't seem very long ago I was sitting with him having a chat1
  5. Recently someone had a 912 Rotax without electrics advertised. Wondering was it sold or is it open for offers? Robmus.
  6. That Boorabee in the first post was mine and yes I flew it for hundreds of hours. When I purchased it was fitted with a 582 Rotax, and after many enjoyable hours I fitted a HKS 700, great move, went from about 17 ltrs/hr mixed 2 stroke fuel to 11-12 ltr/ hr 95 UL at same performance. Yes it is now in North Island of NZ with a very happy owner. The only problem is that I miss her terribly as she was such a delight to fly. No vices whatsoever. I am now stuck with a Jabiru 170 that I fitted a 912 100 hp Rotax too. Good aircraft but not as much fun!
  7. I I don't know who quoted you the $400? They are $200 or close to that!
  8. I really believe that is one of the best parliamentary discussions I've heard for a long time. Hopefully will go a long way to helping Jabiru?
  9. Lethbridge generally quite busy with developments new hangars etc and two flying schools weather permitting. Rob.
  10. There is one AN-2 based at Lethbridge YLED
  11. I thought this thread was about a crash near North Stradbroke, it seems to have wandered off to a different topic.
  12. Could anyone point me to where to find a copy of this waiver for Jabiru powered aircraft. Cheers, Robmus.
  13. Yes 1st life.Has been stripped and inspected, and runs well on my test bench.
  14. I have a set of 2nd hand ones for $4000, and I will thro in a 912UL with them!
  15. I have a 19 rego Boorabee that was fitted with a Rotax 582. I fitted a HKS 700 E and it was passed and approved by RAA with a W&B and photos. I have just lately fitted a Rotax 912 ULS to a 19 reg Jab 170C that has proved Quite successful. We'll see how we go with that when we change details with RAA? Regards Robert.
  16. Lethbridge uses a Tecnam in the RAA school, and they are fussy with there maintenance. Cheers Robert.
  17. I believe there is a mob, I think at Cowra doing engine mounts for Rotax 912 to Jabiru. Could anyone enlighten me please?
  18. My Aircraft was grounded for 4 weeks. Didn't bother me greatly as most of the weather near me was not , apart from the odd day, compatable for flying. When my renewal came thru it was dated from the day it was done, Not the initial day 4 weeks earlier. So for that I personally didn't mind a lot. And I am still able to do my average of about 150 hrs a year. Although like others I agree it should never have happened. Robert.
  19. Thankyou for that info. I will chase it up. Regards, Rob.
  20. I heard a rumour some time back about a company doing firewall forward kits to fit 912 to Jabiru, I think at Cowra, but not sure. Does anyone out there know anything about this? Regards, Robert.
  21. If you are interested, contact a Michael Hooker on:- 0498130080. He is the man who organises for our people to fly in to Avalon Airshow. Th only thing is ,once there and tied down, you cannot fly out until the show is over. Generally Sunday arvo or Monday morning.
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