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  1. Hi all, have any of you used a Flightcom Denali D30 headset? I have had a Flightcom for 5 years and it has been great but a bit too big and a bit too heavy. I have a small head and cant get a good fit. This one looks amazing and is within my price range. If anyone knows anything about this particular one could you please let me know. I do not want an ANR. Don't like them. If there is a 'near new' one for sale that would be great. Any info appreciated, Debbie
  2. hi Joe, Welcome ! Don't think that RAA is much different now to CASA. It has become the second cousin and just over the 5 years I've had my plane, so many things have changed dramatically ( and not for the better). Anyway, not much we can do about that. Fortunately you are in the bush which makes it more bearable. Enjoy, and hope to speak again soon, Debbie
  3. You are very fortunate to have had so many opportunities. My background had nothing to do with aviation so how I've ended up with my own plane and five years of flying, I don't know, ha ha, but it has made the process very difficult as well. Gee, 1000 hrs. I cant even imagine that, but then again, I couldn't imagine ever landing a plane once either. Time and practice are magic ingredients in anything I suppose. Talk soon, Debb
  4. gee, Ron, it does too !!!! My plane is the best plane in the world though !!! It has taught me so much. Is it a Skyfox Gazelle? My eyes are playing up at the moment ( its 2.30am) so I cant see it clearly. OK better try to get another hour or so before work, bye for now, Debbie
  5. Welcome Doran, You certainly have plenty of experience as opposed to my meagre 200 hrs. Makes me feel intimated, ha ha. I'm off to work so cant chat, maybe later, bye for now, Debbie
  6. It all never ceases to amaze and perplex me !!!!!
  7. hiya, I've been on this site for a while now, I just took some time off, for many reasons, but mainly, funnily enough, planes !!!! Anyway, everything hopefully is back to normal again although I'll never feel like it is, so I'm hoping to get a bit of a good run for a while. Yes we all go through it and I feel such empathy for anyone going through a similar situation, or having gone through a rough patch. Flying is supposed to be fun but gee it can test the best of us at times and really stretch the friendship. I love my plane though and if I could be as forgiving as 'Scout' then I'd be a bloody good person. So guys when all is said and done, we do it because we love it and its our choice, yes have a whinge ( of course) but in the end, all we can do is buckle down get whatever the problem is, fixed/ done and start again. Whats the alternative, give up? I think not, love Debb
  8. yeah, thankyou, but I still worry. It seems that the plane I knew so well has had so may things done to it that it is unfamiliar now and I am having to learn a whole host of new idiosyncrasies, at least that is what I'm hoping these are. It is virtually brand new now so surely it cant be anything serious, There's not a thing that hasn't been done.Still a worry. That's all I've done for 4 years is worry. I suppose its par for the course. If I were a mechanic it might be a bit easier but even though I'm pretty good at diagnostics, I cant do much else when it comes to actually fixing the problem. Oil changes etc that's my limit. Anyway, onward and upward. I've got a new instructor now whos going to get this upper air work done and dusted and hopefully soon I'll have my licence. I'm scared though. Its taken me 4 years to overcome all my original paralysing fears and be confident and competent in the plane and I'm worried now that I'll regress and fail. Never a dull moment is there? Be good guys, love Debb
  9. yeah,I know but there is nothing as good as a good whinge !!! So I'm taking the opportunity to have a 'weapons grade' whinge and get it all out of my system, ha ha.. Bloody planes. Never a dull moment. Be good guys, love Debb
  10. Thanks guys but I went with my instincts and got out there thismorning and went over everything I could and after a little while warming it up it came good and sounded lovely. The CFI turned up and he had a good look over and a listen and we both reckoned it was good to go.. The "clapping" noise had dissipated and I'm sure that's just a slight tiny weeny imbalance in the prop from when it was done properly at first but then taken off for the gearbox to be done, and put back on again, maybe it was just a settling in thing. Anyway, we only went out for about 70 mins because the weather down here is horrible but it flew beautifully. I'll get the mechanic out to have another 'go over' and make sure everything is Ok. It is idling a little bit low for my liking so I want that fixed anyway. They are a constant worry that's for sure. Normally I would not leave the ground but I couldn't think of anything that hadn't been fixed, checked, re-done, whatever, so with another opinion, we went up. Yes, I've had one hell of a time and I don't need to go through all that again. I don't think I could stand it. Mechanics are hard enough to find down here, let alone getting one to come out and do the job, until it is FINISHED. So my little darling "Scout" is bedded down for the night now and I'm a wreck. Good cuppa and some valium wouldn't go astray, ha ha. Too tired to even lift the jug at the moment, Hope you guys are faring better !!! thanks all, love Debb
  11. hi guys long time no chat ! Well, haven't I been to hell and back. Thought I had carby trouble but ended up being gearbox - $5000 quote. Ended up costing slightly less. Boy am I broke now. That was my holiday to Japan, my very first holiday in my whole life Yes,I want to hear plenty of :"poor you's". Trouble is the mechanic took the plane up for a 45 min flight after all was fixed and came back pretty happy but he had never flown it prior to all the hassles. I got in yesterday and was so excited to see how it went, when I got to 3000 revs and a "clapping' sound was coming from the prop. Now the prop had been balanced etc at the same time the gearbox was being fixed. Carbies all done. Everything pretty much done. After the job itself was done the mechanic took the plane straight up. First though we went through the spectrum of revs and a lot of other stuff before he left and it sounded beautiful. Unfortunately due to bad weather he had to leave straight after, meaning I didn't get a fly in it . Until yesterday I hadn't been up in it for a couple of months since the whole saga began and even yesterday it was on the ground as I had no-one to come up with me, still being technically a student, I could not go up alone. I am devastated. Wal from Bert Floods did the job on the gearbox, an L2 did the prop and the carbies etc. it went well for him. Why a week later am I hearing a clapping sound? I have found someone to come up with me today but now my joy has turned to worry because of that sound. I'll go out now, start it up and see how it sounds. Wish me luck. Does anyone know if this sort of thing is common after a gearbox change or prop balance? OK I;m off, bye for now, Debb
  12. hi Guys, I'd just like to add that we are all "experts" in hindsight. None of us were in that cockpit and none of us ( who have never experienced such a thing) would know how we would react. Up until 18 months ago I would have curled up into a foetal position and screamed "I'm gonna die". Then I started doing power-offs and learned what we are all supposed to do, either abort the take-off if possible, or dip the nose immediately and look for a place to safely land ( safely as possible). It is an awful thing to think about. I suppose any pilot would be thinking at a million miles an hour, about safety, landing, and their aircraft, all at the same time, and nerves would play a part. It is nice to think that we are all professional enough to complete the absolute textbook scenario in any of these eventualities ( for which we we train) but we are only human and this is why 90 odd percent of all accidents are human error. I am not the best pilot, nor the worst. I have my frailties and my strong points. I can only hope and pray that I will do everything as I have been trained if this ever happens to me and every take-off nearing 400 to 500ft I remind myself of this. We can only train hard and hope that if anything like that ever happens to us that the mercies of the gods are with us such as, good weather, great paddocks ahead etc, and that we will go into auto mode and do it all right. Debb
  13. Hi there Easy Turner, hope you enjoy the forum. I am "all things Skyfox Gazelle" which is a bit different from you, Enjoy, Debb
  14. Hi. I have an airframe/base serial no : CA25N056. Engine No: 4.410.148, hope this helps, Debb
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