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Pilot Pete

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  1. Pilot Pete

    Pilot Pete

  2. Ok Bex, time to drop a few words just to let us know you’re ok. ?
  3. If your feeling pain it means your alive. Cant wait to see what you get up to now. All the best
  4. All the best bloke. You will be right. They stop your heart when you have by pass operations too and run your blood through a mecanical pump. If something goes wrong you could always use a Rotax fuel pump to keep the red stuff flowing.?
  5. I take it from the comments here that Bex has had a medical issue. Are we allowed to know the story or is it a personal thing
  6. Hope all is good Bex. If youve been crook then get well soon and best wishes. If not then ignore the get well bit and accept the best wishes. All the best to you and your family over the Christmas period and hope to hear some news soon. To everyone else I extend best wishes as well and hope you all have a safe and prosperous Christmas. Cheers..... Pete
  7. Hey Bex, hows things going in your neck of the woods?
  8. All good. Just thought you were slipping under the radar a bit and wanted to put you back in the orange light........lemon light.......... ahhhhhh let’s see..... lime light, that’s it. I must admit Bex that my paitience is sorely tested and a show of some progress is needed to satisfy ones curiosity.
  9. I knew what they were, i just didnt get what he was getting at
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