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  1. Hi Ralph. Thanks for the prompt. I visited the factory last week to see the initial assembly. Very exciting. Appears to be on-track for a late-March delivery. I’m thinking of flying the Brumby to WA during the Christmas-New Year period to see my ab initio CFI, test my piloting skills, and show off my shiny LSA. Perhaps I could drop into your aerodrome at some point if you’d like to run a critical eye over her. Cheers, Graeme
  2. Hello. Sorry for the delayed response. I appreciate your offer. I’ve ordered a 610 since posting my query. Hoping for delivery in late-March. Brumby owners appear to cherish their aircraft. Yours has been the only indication of availability. I hope you’ve had great times with 610. Where are you based? Cheers, Graeme
  3. Ooops. Sorry. I thought I’d replied... Since my initial post last year I’ve ordered a Brumby 610. Waiting (impatiently) for delivery in late-March. I’ve had access to a 610 through the Cowra aero club and enjoyed developing my piloting skills and local ventures immensely.The flight performance and behaviours of the aircraft - hlghlighed on the manufacturer’s website and numerous other reviews - are spot-on in my still novice flyer’s opinion. I’ve been looking for a comfortable (high wing) touring aircraft. I’m 6’3” with long leg-length. Finding a LSA cockpit with ease of entry/exit and
  4. Hello all. Just wondering if anyone knows of a Brumby 610 Evolution LSA for sale. Cheers, Graeme
  5. Hi Volksy, and thank you for making contact. The Goulburn situation seems quite bizarre - from an outsiders view. Why would one fence out aircraft operators from - and paying to access - the runways and aprons? How does the owner expect to create revenue to upkeep the infrastructure? But I'm but just a novice… I hope its all resolved by the new year. Thanks for the tip on the monthly BBQ. I'll certainly be keen to participate.
  6. Hi Norman. I did manage to contact the owner (Jason). But unfortunately without success. Jason four GA based on his strip now, and is concerned that additional operations would draw the ire of his neighbours. My enquiries also took me to Goulburn airport, where hangarage is possible available, but I get a sense there is some significant local politics at play regarding the airport facilities, particularly the sealed runway by RA…? However one of the RA operators mentioned that a community GA/RA airfield is being developed on the outskirts of Yass (not the listed YYAS). This is new developme
  7. Thanks Steve. Your advice and pointing me towards previous posts has been very useful. The Hall (Wallaroo) strip looks ideal. I'll have to visit on the weekend and hopefully negotiate access. From Google Maps it looks like someone is using shipping containers as windbreaks. Cheers, Graeme
  8. Hello. I've recently joined the forum and I'm seeking advice on airfield and hangar access for Light Sport Aircraft. I'm hoping to purchase a FK-9 LSA in the new year and to hangar the aircraft close to home (Canberra). The airframe has folding wings, so I could possibly squeeze the airframe into a 6.5m x 2.5m space. Another option is to have a custom trailer built to secure and tow the airframe, when folded, to a LSA-friendly airfield nearby. Any advice on both hangarage and private/public access airfields is greatly appreciated.
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