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  1. Hi Mac I have a T500 for sale in Southern Queensland. I have PMed more details to you - see your messages/conversations (envelope sign in upper left). cheers Craig
  2. I like the aircraft, but am at a bit of a loss as to how to go forward, especially since it's 25-xxxx registered ...
  3. No, I don't blame anyone. I believe the fault was invisible to the seller, the L2, and myself, but caution others to be aware of this possibility.
  4. Your pictures haven't come through though, they may need resizing to get them to download. Have been struggling with it. Do these work?: DamageLocations Corrosion Welding
  5. This is an accident report of a failure to a Thruster T500 with registration 25-0780. The fault occurred around 1100 on 22 July 2017 i the Lockyer Valley, QLD. It was reported to both ATSB and RAAus. The flight was a training flight with the instructor as pilot in command (very experienced) and myself as the student. We taxied the aircraft several hundred meters to the end of the airfield and I snaked the path a bit by rudder to practice rudder control while taxiing. At this point the rudder was functioning OK. Then we increased the throttle and the aircraft accelerated. When it left the
  6. craigL

    T500 Parts???

    Hello Does anyone know of, or have any suggestions for, or is it possible, to get replacement parts for a Thuster T500? In particular, enpennage? Factory parts would be ideal, but there seems to be no factory any more. I have the original parts and need to consider taking them to a professional engineering company to have them rebuilt, but is there any more original or better source for this work? thanks and BR Craig
  7. Quite a lot of these projects around these days. See: EHANG|Official Site-EHANG 184 autonomous aerial vehicle and This MegaDrone Will Be a Self-Flying Air Taxi in Dubai This Summer Biggest barrier is lack of regulations. Technology is fast getting there, or is already there.
  8. Very sad and a great loss. Wouldn't the emergency beacon have to be turned on before impact? If so, with such experienced pilots this suggests a technical failure or unrecoverable state as suggested above. I know it can be bad to speculate like this, but we all have skin in the game and ATSB can take so long to reach and release their conclusions. Understandable why, but meanwhile ...
  9. I passed the Class 2 AVMED and during the examination the DAME told me that the average or typical systolic blood pressure for a 50 year walking in off the street is 150. He might have been exaggerating a bit, but there is an overall trending increase with age. People also frequently have an increase of10 points or more just due to entering a DAME's practice. So it's a good idea to record your blood pressure at home for a month or two before going in and show the record to the DAME. Also, if it's high, see a GP well beforehand so you can get it medicated before the DAME examination, otherwise
  10. Fully agree! Electric aircraft will be a disruptive technology and it will be very interesting to see how the regulators (including RAAus) react to them. Aircraft with many electric props are already emerging, some like drones but human scale. E.g.: Volocopter I VC200 Prototyp and Joby S2 | Joby Aviation The many engines make them much safer than even twin props.
  11. Re high vis, it's a cheap and easy way of making a strong but superficial visual statement that you are taking safety seriously. Most accidents happen once you're in the aircraft, when high vis is totally irrelevant. And most are due to pilot error or engine failure. What would be much more useful would be better quantitative studies of safety factors. E.g. statistics on accident types by aircraft model, engine type, correlations with initial training location, conditions, etc., which are unavailable in a high level form (you can only get raw accident data, which would take an impossible am
  12. I'll be there and travelling from Tassie for it. Haven't been to an Avalon show before, really looking forward to it - there will be lots of GA and Sport aircraft on display. Don't have time for the trade days though.
  13. This is a very old thread but I couldn't resist pointing out the incongruity of the requirement to use the ERSA info on-line only. The documents are in .pdf format, so to use them you need to click the link, which automatically initiates download of the .pdf before the reader can open it for reading. So it's actually not possible to use 'on-line only', and everyone has a copy on their local computer (e.g. in the Downloads directory).
  14. The CASA material is pretty complicated by all of the cross references to different parts of the regulations. But there's a good summary of the categories in the current issue (Jan/March 2017) of Aero Australia magazine.
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