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  1. danny_galaga


    Nevertheless that plane in WA has regen. Pipistrel or something? https://www.flightsafetyaustralia.com/2018/01/electric-aircraft-takes-off/
  2. danny_galaga

    ra aus 10- prefix. still used?

    Well, I can’t imagine you’d want to change a number on your plane once you have it, whether you picked it or not so that won’t be a problem:)
  3. danny_galaga

    ra aus 10- prefix. still used?

    no probs. I thought it would be something along those lines. Just turns out that the number I wanted to use would look even better prefixed with 10- 😄 But the plane is not in that category so 19- it is
  4. as per title, is this still a thing? If so, does it only apply to 'microlights'? oh, and also can you try for a specific suffix like like you can with VH?
  5. danny_galaga


    Probably over time you’ll have options from the pilots seat. For instance, instead of side slipping you might feed in some regen. I think that electric plane in WA has regen...
  6. danny_galaga

    Dave Clarke ear pads

    Will probably go with this then. Are these genuine? Doesn’t seem to say in the description
  7. Any recommendations on suppliers for DC ear pads? Prolly gel ones? We looked on eBay to get a feel for what’s out there and prices vary a lot of course. We don’t need a whole kit, just the ear pieces. Is 30ish bucks about the going rate?
  8. danny_galaga

    9. Section 20

    To lace up the fuselage sail I stuck with my ghetto work bench. By strapping the front down, I was able to lace most of the way from back to front. The last quarter or so I was able to reach from inside the fuselage. I concede that I may have to put it on a stand soon but for now this let me crack on 🙂 Note that the lacing is only done loosely at this stage.
  9. danny_galaga

    Small turbines 100hp 130hp

    They really oughta just let it go! As time goes on, less and less people care about what is under the bonnet, or even the brand 😄 i can’t imagine there will be any new petrol powered cars in 2050...
  10. danny_galaga

    Small turbines 100hp 130hp

    Yep, there’s a reason Mazda quietly ditched the rotary...
  11. danny_galaga

    Torque seal

    Thanks guys. I wasn’t getting alerts for some reason only just saw the replies. Ingenious meantime I went with dykem torque seal just to be sure. Onetrack, good call on keeping it in the fridge when not in use
  12. danny_galaga

    8. Section 17

    Detail section 17  installing the first bit of trilam on the skyreach bushcat. ive never been good at lacing my shoes so this will be a challenge 😄 but at least I can make it easier to thread the lace with some superglue on the end and rolled between wet fingers to make a ‘needle’. I’ve now perfected my technique. Ignoring the fluffy end of the string I soak about a 10mm section with superglue. When it has set I cut it on about a 45 degree angle. Then a bit more glue on the cut end. also, save the leftover string! On a later section you need to lace the aft end up with a short length of string. Mine was too short! Luckily the leftover string from this section was longer 🙂 When the the covering is done, you will need to get a nut and washer inside the covering and onto a thread. I found by sitting that part onto a torch pointing up, I was able to do this without too much trouble.
  13. danny_galaga

    7. Section 11

    Detail section 11.2 In my correspondence with the contact engineer he told me I will have to trim a little off two bolts on the tailwheel spring so that the rearmost diagonal braces will fit. I used a Dremel so took the barest possible amount off.  I corresponded a lot with the engineer recently because there was a lot of head scratching with those fuselage diagonals. It should be that you may have to coerce the pieces a couple of millimetres to get them in place. But I found my first diagonal was 36mm short! Had everyone scratching their heads. Finally Errol, the Bushcat dealer came over (luckily we aren't too far from each other) and he found himself scratching his head too. He called the factory and talked to the engineer and the manager. A light bulb went off for Errol though and while undoing the bottom longeron to see what the diagonals would do without it, he realised that loosening off the bolts let it fit properly. The bottom longeron has two bolts. Taking out the second bolt lets the longeron swivel a bit. Once everything was aligned it all fitted beautifully and the second bolt can be put back in. A programming friend once told me I am the perfect beta tester because I always find that combination of things that no else has tried that will lock up the computer. Looks like that 'talent' has transferred over the airplane building because this is the first time this phenomenon has happened with this particular kit 😂 I still don't quite understand why it did it, but my own thought is that if I were to build one again I would leave those two bolts loose until all the diagonals are in place and then tighten everything up. It may well be that by the time you are building this kit, the manual will suggest that also.
  14. danny_galaga

    6. Section 9

    Detail section 9 left side upper fuselage tube has two threaded holes. Also, make sure you put the turnbuckles in in step 2 before you do step 3 (which ties the two tubes together aft) otherwise you won’t be able to put the Clevis pin in. How do I know this? 😄
  15. danny_galaga

    5. Section 8

    Detail of section 8.2 there are bushes that go inside the bottom tubes where the tail wheel spring mounts. These are a tight fit so what I did was wrap the tube in thin card and then get some vice grips. I wound the vice grips up to just touch the card. And then just enough more to just compress the tube. Not enough to even see. Then I placed the bushes in place with pointy nosed pliers and put the bolts in to hold them in place. When the vice grips were released the tube springs back into shape and holds the bushes 🙂 Note in in the background is my bike. By strange coincidence it shares much the same specs as the Bushcat- 100hp, 305kg (yep he’s heavy!) and about 180 km/h top speed! Mind you, you don’t want to be going top speed on a cruiser for any length of time, while you could do it all day in the Bushcat 🙂