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  1. g2omer


    Is this Savannah VENTURA have adjustable seats (front row) thank you . Francois
  2. Hi, i’m planning to install wheel ski on my savannah, i will have to fit a longer shaft on the inside side of the landing gear. I put a picture (another aircraft type) for example) , my question is : is the shaft come with the inner plate (the brake attachement) or it’s 2 different pieces... I’m trying to be clear but english is not my language . Francois
  3. Hi ,Carlisle tire 8.00x6. Turf glide.
  4. Hi, my savannah vg : weight 680 Cruise at 5000 : 95 mph Max cruise : around 105 mph No long range tank Fuel burn 15.5 l/h 912 uls Mtow 1232
  5. Hi, I am planning the 72 month inspection for my savannah vg( in few month) I see that we have to replace flight control line bushing, nuts and bolt... my question: Should i replace the bushing present on the control stick ? How much bushing in the flight control line ? I checked in the manual and i see 2 bushing on the up/down elevator bellcrank ... where is the other bushing ? I know that the moving surface have bushing too but it's for the 1000 hre inspection . Thanks for your help and sorry fir my english Francois
  6. g2omer

    Oil tank removal

    Hi , I will need to remove the oil tank for cleaning at the next oil change... it seems to be not easy , what's the best way for remove, the top or the right side ? Thanks
  7. Impressive ! How much long is this track ? Francois
  8. g2omer

    Aileron control

    I had the time for verify today : this is exactly the problem. I will not use the last stage of flap until I do the mod.Thanks
  9. g2omer

    Aileron control

    I will verify at my next flight, I open the hatch each week but with the flap in up position !
  10. g2omer

    Aileron control

    At the place in red ? (In the picture)
  11. g2omer

    Aileron control

    Oups , sorry .... it's a Savannah vg .
  12. g2omer

    Aileron control

    Hi, when i received my aircraft ,about 6 month ago, I found the aileron control a bit stiff and I lubricated the control and all work ok but in the last stage of flap ( full flap) the aileron control is stiff, little hard to move, even in the ground. But honestly , I don't use this stage often.... Is it normal ? sorry for my english Francois
  13. g2omer

    520 kg vs 560 kg

    Hi, I have a question , where is the difference between a savannah vg mtow 520kg and savannah vg 560 kg? Thanks Francois
  14. g2omer

    Outside air temp

    I made a continuity test from both position of the switch, the result : ok. Also I measured voltage to the sensor terminal and I measured voltage...
  15. g2omer

    Outside air temp

    Hi ! My outside air temperature does not work , I made some test and I think the sensor is the problem. Anyone know where I can find another and what type and manufacturer of the sensor... I don't find any info on the sensor... Thanks Francois from Canada !
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