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Murray A

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    R80 Tiger Moth
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  1. Hi all, rigged my R80 Tiger Moth for a weight and balance check. Now have a very full garage. Any Canberra or ACT region people who are interested in having a look are welcome to contact me via a conversation/message for a time and the address. Will probably disassemble in about two weeks so planning Saturday 18th afternoon. Cheers Murray
  2. Hi Steve, has been a long time - are you still flying from Hume as I recall? Will get some pictures organised - planning to rig it in the garage soon to do an enginless weight and balance calc, so will get some good shots then. Murray
  3. Thanks to all for the welcoming notes, looking forward to following and participating. Murray
  4. Building an R80 Tiger Moth in the garage. Still going strong after 13 Years, getting to the engine stage. Cheers Murray
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