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  1. I took the Thruster to visit some friends this past weekend, we had -20°C outside so it started to get quite cold after an hour in the air. One possible problem I noted during the flight was that the EGT was slightly high and the CHT was on the low side. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg0AiHVjGFY
  2. We got just over 30cm of snow last week, so this weekend my little TST got a pair of skis :) It worked quite well but the tailwheel have a tendency to get stuck in the snow so I think I have to mount a small ski on the tail.
  3. The winter has finally arrived! Today it was -10°C and sunny weather so I went for a local flight in the cold.
  4. I found these two videos of Peter on liveleak when he tests his aircraft. He will probably upload a new youtube video of this test flight soon. https://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=bb3c063fdbdf https://www.liveleak.com/ll_embed?f=f960c2a1a5e6
  5. It looked like a bit from the fuel hose. I switched all the fuel hoses when I was looking for the problem so hopefully it should not happen again
  6. Yep, it was nice to find the problem :) The day before, I crossed Gulf of Bothnia twice when I visited some friends in Finland. It is approximately 50nm over open water and a total of 98nm between the fields. So I'm probably lucky that the piece of rubber didn't mess with me on that trip.
  7. The problem was not due to carb ice. The engine decided to die for me this weekend immediately after take-off, I still had about 200m of field in front of me so it was no problem to put down the Thruster safely. Once on the ground, the engine started on the first pull and idled smoothly, but as soon as I increased the throttle the engine died. I started to suspect fuel flow restriction so I opened the float bowls and the gasoline levels were very low. I switched on the electric fuel pump while the float bowls were removed and it was barely dripping any gasoline. So I changed the fuel hoses
  8. Thanks for your reply! It has good compression and the pistons, rings and cylinders looked all good and the engine runs just fine, so it was probably carb ice
  9. During climb out yesterday with my Thruster TST / Rotax 503 my RPM dropped and the engine began to run rough. I worked the throttle a bit and it was possible to run the engine at 5000RPM. I turned back to the field but shortly after I completed the turn, the power came back. So I decided to circle around the field until sunset and the engine ran without any problems during this time. The temperature was 12°C and the dew point was 11°C, so this made me believe it was carburetor icing. What do you guys think?
  10. I was out on a short trip (1.5h) and on my way home, the wind had increased significantly and my GS was only 8 knots at 2000ft. And the nearest airport from my small private field now reported 29018G27KT 260V320. It also started to rain as I approached the field, but the thruster handled it just fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IKZGLz8WrY
  11. uShip is like eBay but you are bidding on shipping instead of things. Here is the uShip link to the shipping of my TST: Transport THRUSTER MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT
  12. The seller arranged the shipment through uShip, It did not cost much, and after a day the thruster was delivered to me.
  13. I bought it from UK in August, it was in quite ok shape. I have only changed the wing skins and redone all the electricity as well as installed some new instruments.
  14. My TST with new wing skins from wingtech.com.au
  15. The temperature is not a problem as long as you dress properly But when I filmed this we had a temperature of -9°C on the ground and +3°C at 1000ft and this usually causes some icing on the wings during descent through the warmer and more humid air into the colder air. This is usually not a problem, but we have had a few icing accidents here in northern Sweden due to inversions during the winter.
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