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  1. Hey mate, great detail there! All makes sense and makes the 172 a little more attractive. Thanks a bunch and I will definitely have a look at the link you put up to! Cheers!
  2. Hey Mike, So a fully loaded 172S with full tanks only gives you about 1.2 hours flight time?
  3. Hey mate, yeah it does seem that way. Is that how you read that page too? The payload being the weight the 172 can carry with full fuel?
  4. Hi guys, just after a bit of clarification here if possible, on the website below it has the Lyoming IO-360-L2A as 180HP but on Wikipedia (reliable source) lists it has it as 160HP. I'm sure there are people that know much more than I do here, so just wondering if there is a simple explanation here. Also, the website below has Payload - 577lbs. I'm right in thinking that's how much weight of passengers and luggage you can have with full fuel tanks right? Which doesn't really leave a whole heap. I know a lot of people say that Cessna's are workhorses and can usually go over their weight but
  5. Yeah nice, you must have been a natural getting it in that many hours!
  6. Haha I like your enthusiasm but unfortunately the most I'll be able to do is one hour a week, that's why I've been told it may be more likely to take around 40 hours to get my RPL.
  7. Hi Guys, Just a quick one, how many hours at average do people do in the air for their RPL and PPL. Also how many hours before first solo? Just wanting to get an idea as I've been told virtually no one does it in the minimum required hours. Cheers in advance
  8. That's the one! Haha seems to be a pretty cool set up there and when I make the move to buy a plane it'd be an old 182 I'm thinking, so kind of prefer learning in an older model
  9. Alright I see, I googled and saw their website but wasn't sure. I'm learning in an old Cessna C150, think it's a mid 70's model haha Yeah well they have a bit of a learning package with all the theory information and a plane information book as well that I'll have to buy
  10. I'm not real sure what RAAus is? Haha I will be going for my RPL and then PPL pretty well straight after
  11. Yeah that's what I'm kind of thinking. Then I guess you just organize with your own air club to do the exams by yourself? Or do you organize through another governing body or something?
  12. I'm looking at doing a theory course which is run over 1 day a week for 9 weeks, each lesson is 4 and a half hours and the exams that get completed are: pre-solo exam, pre-area solo exam and basic aeronautical knowledge exam. It comes at a cost of $800 for the whole 9 weeks. To me it sounds like a good deal, just wanted to get some thoughts from you guys as to whether it is worth it etc
  13. As shown in the title, I'm very new to flying, having only done 2 hours toward my RPL, doing my third hour this weekend along with purchasing a bit of a student learners kit with text books etc. My aim is to get my PPL and eventually buy a little 4 seater, all in good time though! Would love to pick up some tips and learn all I can on this forum along the way. Cheers!
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