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  1. Of course, at that point I would most likely be screaming for a complete ban but then again, as a society we should not be making laws affecting millions of people based on irrational and emotional responses of few affected individuals. You are not being rational - by that definition just about every activity should be banned because , if given freedom to do so , there will always be people who will abuse it one way or another.
  2. Among 330 million people , statistically speaking there will always be an individual or two with some combination of genes that ultimately results in a tragedy like the one we just witnessed ( by it by guns, driving a truck into a crowd or a pilot flying a plane into a mountain ) Still , given that we are dealing here with 330 000 000 people and these tragedies being so rare , your chances of being hit by event like this are many orders of magnitude less than being killed in a car accident. There are about 3000 people accidentally drowning every year ( mostly kids ). About 40 000 people die ea
  3. He got his ass charged with a crime ... where is the story ?
  4. It does not. You pay for having a specialized device manufactured for an extremely small market. A high end glass panel doesn't even come close in power to your typical iPad - both CPU, Gpu and resolution-wise.
  5. I figured I wanted to have a reasonable analog backup - so glass on the left and Altimeter, Speed, VSI and , precisely for the reason you mentioned , RPM gauge on the right.
  6. Low speed ( I think it was 50 knots ) was another contribution factor ...
  7. Well, for A32 ( as opposed to A22) are not so much different. At least for me the most important were: - forgiving and overall easy to fly - great cockpit visibility ( I am doing it for fun after all ) - decent cruising speed Both Sting and A32 score well on all these points and I don't frankly care so much for STOL capability ( which is what sets A22 apart )
  8. Well , waiting another year seemed like a long time so I went for my next choice - got myself an almost new (150 hours ) Sting S4. [GALLERY=media, 3983]Sting S4 by Warmi posted Jun 24, 2017 at 8:32 AM[/GALLERY]
  9. This seems to em pretty common approach ... I had power pulled from under me and told to land as well.
  10. This is the lake they crashed at : Quite scenic and doesn't look too tricky.
  11. That's great - 110 is enough. I mean, LightSport can only got up to 138 MPH or so (in USA ), so 110 is not that big of a difference.
  12. Yes, I was actually referring to 110 MPH - if I can get that out of Foxbat 22 than this is not too bad.
  13. Thanks for that very detailed and very helpful reply... It took me a long time ( 2 months ) but I am back in the business of looking for a plane ( I am a computer software engineer and my company decided to relocate to San Francisco area - went there for a week with my wife , even with almost doubled salary the place was still so crazy expensive ,even compared to Chicago, I decided I would rather find a new job than relocate - so now I got a new shiny job that pays almost just as good as in SF but is still located near Chicago) Anyway, I am thinking about flying out to Oakland , TN to talk t
  14. Would it be possible for you to outline the process you went thru when purchasing the plane via Aeroprakt USA ? How long it took, as everything done the way you requested etc ... Thanks
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