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  1. Died a death like most of these unconventional designs
  2. Sorry fellas..we made a real crapola job of that proposal...think we better go back and maybe take out thumbs out our bums and actually think about it before putting foot in mouth again
  3. Far better off using 48v battery bank..more efficient Use grid connect solar panels cheaper than 24v pnes amd more prolific I use 1 grid connect 200watt panel to a MPPT controller and it charges 10 batteries in all my farm equipment...I dont have flat batteries any more
  4. I read that document and yes I think they have done a great job of telling ASA what a bunch of numpties they are
  5. Later on after fitting that fuel manifold I got a right angled barb fitting and put it into the right side end of that block and fitted another tap to it and bought my fuel return to it. That way I could turn the fuel return on and off and because it went to the fuel block it did not fill up one tank it just went as usuable fuel The main wire from the battery which in mine was right down the back of the aircraft was quite heavy...maybe 4 or 5 gauge in your terminology. It was a long run so I had to make sure it was heavy enough. The positive was larger than the negative as the neg
  6. Yes get rid of all Alu cables and replace with copper...also the only earth to the frame for the battery negative ICP do at the battery and they rely on the alu fuselage to provide the path...this is just bad !!! run another earth wire from the battery negative as well as keeping the original...run the other negative to the engine...bolt on the back of the start or somewhere else..it has been proved that not having a direct earth will/can stuff the sprag clutch in the engine as the engine doesnt turn just quite as fast as it can
  7. Waraton I think you may have hit the nail on the head..never even thought of that...they are testing delivery drones in Brisbane now
  8. What does make me laugh at this is if it goes ahead then effectively you are in CTA......so just fitting a transponder is not the only thing...how many RAA pilots have CTA endorsements...does this mean that ok I get my transponder and then I have to get a CTA endorsement as well because I am now allowed in Class E airspace?????
  9. Such a simple mod too I have a EFIS so obviously i can put the level marks where I like with programming but I like to have a analogue ASI in my aircraft as a backup...and I just have the normal arcs set to my speeds but I do like that tape line right across the gauge...i will be doing that to it. Super simple idea that I am sure will save lives
  10. Nah...all is quiet on the western front at the moment
  11. The antenna issue with the SE2 of course will be some requirement to the specs they had to build/design the device to by the relevent FAA or CASA or the Brits. It says in their paperwork that no mods are allowed but we all all know that to get the most out of something it needs to be modified usually 🙂 if you keep the SE2 plugged into the USB supply it will stay powered and the battery doesnt go flat of course
  12. HF...I wouldnt be to concerned about rushing out and getting a transponder thats for sure. This Class E clusterf**k will not get up because it is even too far ridiculous for even someone like CASA to approve. Save your pennies...well at this stage
  13. Well it certainly appears so with all the reports back
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