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  1. https://www.ebay.com.au/p/610820399
  2. This company has 3 Sopwith 2 seat models...... https://airdromeaeroplanes.com/
  3. I was getting this when it was getting too hot. Is it in a ventilated position?
  4. They are called "nut plates" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plate_nut I've also found them tight at times. I think the threads on the end are crimped as a locking/anti vibration measure. I usually run a tap down them. I was advised by a bloke who built his own aircraft to use nylon washers on screws that have no positive locking measure. Helps to prevent loosening from vibration apparently.......
  5. Run a tap down the threads.....?
  6. It's not meant for members. It's a management box ticking exercise to achieve KPI's or whatever metric they're chasing. So MM can go to one of the 20 organisations he's a part of and say "Sh!t yeah bro, we got the best reporting system eva...".
  7. Bang your rego (or anyones) into this and Bruce's-your-uncle...😁 https://www.raa.asn.au/our-organisation/registration-search/
  8. I think 5500 wot/flat/level is too low. It leaves no spare power margins. If set "light" on a cold day at sea level, on a hot day at altitude it will be less and a take off "heavy" on a hot and high strip is where you want power. If set to 5500 there is also no alowance for altitude degradation. I set to 5650 wot/flat/level, get 5320 at a good climb and this alows for high density altitude operation, mtow operation and a margin to increase throttle at altitude.... I'll add that in an emergency go-around situation the extra power would be welcomed as well....
  9. Landing Port Augusta in a massive cross wind. Decided to take off on the taxi way to depart. No one else was flying and the airport deserted and the taxi way was directly into wind. I was pretty heavy but off the ground in a couple of meters.....
  10. Some people are getting 4000 hrs with the heads being done at 2000 on a 912... That's probably going to be my plan ..... Gearbox overhauls can be expensive. I'm told keeping the oil clean (ulp and frequent oil changes) can reduce this cost significantly.
  11. DO NOT BUY UNCHECKED AND SIGHT UNSEEN. If the owner wanted that, I would see big red flags! Treat it as a business transaction and remove emotion..... Fair enough he wants the money before you take it, but NOT before checked and flown. Don't get sucked in....
  12. Second hand 912's are eagerly sought after..... no matter the hours and condition. So as a replacement, this figure comes off of your new engine price. If buying a straight out new one..... something else would probably be sought by me. 35k.....(with carbs..lol) nah, I'll take a pass on that. It's just taking the p!ss.....
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