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  1. It's about "quality control ". You can't just let any random device into controlled airspace....... where there are potentially hundreds of lives on the line.
  2. A quick search. VFR aircraft- a rule of thumb.....
  3. Skippy has a long history of hijacking threads for.... commercial reasons. And I'll note he's not a "First class member", so not even donating to the site.
  4. In Australia, skyecho is not allowed to be used in controlled airspace. It must be a Mode S transponder.... Perhaps the UK, being substantially smaller, primary and secondary radar do the job? As I understand it, most of the UK airspace is "controlled" anyway. Whereas most of Aus is class G. https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/about-us/projects/ads-b/ads-b-coverage/
  5. I'm using the ping. Works well. (Already have mode S adsb-out transponder) I can pickup aircraft 100nm away in a straight line. The only issue is that without an external antenna, parts of the aircraft mask reception. As I have it on the front windscreen, everything in front of me is shown but behind me aircraft "come and go" a bit. In reference to the opening question, the ping does pick up my own aircraft..... Overall, I think it does help with situational awareness.
  6. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/Decalin.php See reviews and Q&A.....
  7. After having to use some avgas intermittently, I'm running BP 98 and Decalin. Normally I use caltex 95 and have had no probs with it but 98 is relatively cheap at the moment and the added additives may help the cleaning. After 20 hrs, the plugs looked cleaner.....I've changed them now. I'll probably just keep adding the decalin for the hell of it..... Rotax 912 uls.....
  8. https://www.browntool.com/Listview/tabid/344/CategoryID/65/Level/a/ProductID/3784/Default.aspx Or https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/topages/dimpltool.php
  9. Jabiru's are good when its not too hot to fly.... For me, I'll take the other one, and fly anytime I want.....
  10. Downunder

    Oil thermostat

    I have one of these https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/xcomthermostat.php Works very well. Not sure where you'd get one in Aus...... perhaps an aircraft importer or Floods?
  11. Perhaps "one up" your left wing is a touch low and it cross feeds? I've not seen an aircraft (of our type) flow evenly from both tanks. Even the expensive Euro types. Whether it's flying out of balance or a wing low.....or poor venting. I do "manage" my fuel from both my tanks, each with it's own valve. This helps balance the aircraft with more in the right tank, one up. I also switch tanks at certain gauge points to better estimate fuel quantity remaining. For example, if I switch from the left tank at X on the gauge and then run the right tank down
  12. Run the fuel return to the "receiver/surge" tank and only open the valve on the tank you want to draw fuel from. Edit: If the return needs a vented tank and the receiver tank is not vented then this may not work I guess.....?
  13. I have trialled running one tank empty (I have dual tank/dual valve setup) and it was only AFTER the valve on the empty tank was closed it pulled from the other, open tank. Note: high wing aircraft and no electric pump. Just the Rotax mechanical.
  14. Talking in general terms and not directly about this aircraft or incident. Single fuel valve, dual tank aircraft have crashed in the past because once air is exposed to the fuel pump it will not "pick-up" from the other (full) tank. I definately prefer selector valves for each tank.
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