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  1. 100% agree. I'm up to a new engine from the premiums I've saved. A local aircraft had some insurance repairs. Lots of rumours about the repair facility making more damage to milk the payout. Such as cutting engine cables with snips to remove the engine, therefore requiring new cables and labour to fix.
  2. Local bloke's premium jumped 50% the following year, after a claim...
  3. Do you really think the Libyan's, Turk's, Azeri's and various terrorist organisations roll like that? These are tactical drones, loitering over the combat zone taking out targets of opportunity. The Azeri's are also using Israeli suicide drones. One can be seen early in the video. We've past the point of "strategic" strikes and assasinations by drones by cashed up western democracies. This is new warfare. The wholesale deployment of combat drones 24/7 over the tactical battlefield. Alot of governments should be shitting their collective pants about how easy a
  4. The US made Predator drone uses the Rotax 914. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Atomics_MQ-1_Predator
  5. Bayraktar drone. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayraktar_TB2 Uses the fuel injected 100hp Rotax engine. Pictured here from one shot down in Libya. To see how much warfare has been totally changed, view the following video. BE AWARE! IT IS NOT PRETTY. Interesting to note is the "anti-air" units being hit.
  6. I'm fairly experienced in WA outback flying in a light aircraft. I was in Newman in beginning of July which was pleasant flying. For me, the turbulence is the biggest problem to summer flying. Flying high gets you into cooler air but at some point during late morning the thermals eventually get you. As the morning starts to heat up, the thermals reach higher and higher. So try and stay above them. The biggest tip is to be prepared and ready to go at the VERY crack of dawn. As soon as it's light enough, start that take off roll and go, even warm up in the da
  7. I'm keen to get into Woomera and spend a night or two in the town. Anyone got in?
  8. My opinion..... In theory yes. In practical life, no. There are many other changing factors like wind and barometric pressure, temperature. All changing, all the time. The most obvious need to retrim is from fuel usage. Even tanks nominally over the cofg tend to need a retrim...... My fuel use tends to drop the nose after a while. As my trim adjustment is quite course, I trim for a slight climb at a high throttle setting, then throttle back for level flight. Then as fuel burns and the nose dips, I just add a bit of throttle....works well, without constantly pl
  9. Check TAS against ground speed (gps) and determine I have a head wind. Speed up or accept I'll be a bit late.
  10. Your aircraft is the fast slippery one, far more able to use the benefits of an inflight adjustable prop. The Foxbat hits an aerodynamic brick wall at about 90 kts or so. The effort to get much more speed is beyond an adjustable prop and the power supplied. I think you would need a very specific reason to fit one to a Foxbat/stol aircraft with the limited overall benefits given.
  11. https://www.propellor.com/o-235 A local RV owner had nothing but problems with his Lightspeed's. They would last a couple of years then fail. He has now gone to Surefly and is extremely happy. Especially with the purchase price. And zero maintenance after fitment. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/surefly_08-17074.php
  12. Such a great "feel good" story..... promoting ultralight aviation and regional communities... Congrats to ABC Southwest and Ellie Honeywell for the story.
  13. My Old GME still passes the "self test" several years after the official expiry date. I also replaced it in my aircraft. It is still useful to keep in the car or on local bike rides etc....
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