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  1. Coming from Europe I am used that in Skydeamon, one of the most used navigation apps, I find most infos about fuel on airfields, and very often also the actual price. All this data is sent in by pilots passing by sending a message to Skydeamon via their app, and they update it rather fast. The data also carry the date, so you can guess how accurate they are. How about your OzRunways, does it have the same feature? If not I guess that would be a very good addition.
  2. I tried a Stratux once. I was always tightly followed by an airplane, just one meter apart: my own ADS-B-out signal… Does anybody know how to filter that out? SkyEcho seems to be a very good in /out solution, very simple.
  3. Nice little plane. Not a beauty, but very versatile. A little error with maximum speed: It is rather fast, but not that fast. About 280 km/h.
  4. Switzerland: English is understood everywhere, but sometimes answered in French in the French speaking part. Landing fees are high, 20.— to 30.— is common. France: On bigger airports English is good, most of the other airfields are French, but if you greet them in French they very often understand a lot of the Englisch phraseology (but only if 🙂 ). Understanding the standard phrases in French provides you with a pictures what the others do. Landing fees are lower or will, as stated above. Germany: English is understood about everywhere, understanding the standard phrases in German he
  5. Sam the Swiss


    Hmm, quite risky to relate to the limit g values to declare that it is alright to perform aerobatic movements… Would you do that with your Savannahs?
  6. What kind of PLB are you using in Australia, and what are the costs for the registration with AMSA?
  7. Great day for flying yesterday, though hot. First flight across the Alps with my son.
  8. That would bring me to Iceland, or Finnland, or Egypt, or even the Sahara starting from my home town...
  9. On my flight on Friday I asked ATC for a transit over Switzerland's biggest airport, Zürich (275'000 aircraft movements). Normally very dependent on the time of the day and often denied, ATC this time gave the permission right away and added: "you can make a low pass over runway 28, if you like." The situation makes things possible which are otherwise unthinkable (and otherwise normal things impossible). But I couldn't pass on this chance. The picture is not a beauty, but at this moment my license would have been in danger under normal cicumstances .
  10. BTW do you have vortex generators installed on your Nynja? Just asking as the higher MTOW will increase your stall speed.
  11. Hope to read some results when you have got it. Such promises make me sceptic, but their way to look at it impresses me.
  12. As the 912iS has a dramatically improved economy (25% I heard) the compensation of the carburetors must be limited. But probably still a lot better in real flying than most lycosaurus are flown.
  13. It seems to float, looking at the pattern. In the right corner you see a replica of the lake shore line, just as it happens from waves beating the sand back into deeper water. And the fuzzy stuff looks like wind crossed with current. In the mornings of the last few days before this flight our cars were covered with yellow dust. Conifer pollen season is almost over, but the meteorologists in the news said that it is dust from the Sahara. It happens rarely, but repeatedly in our region, more so in Italy or Spain. Looking down from the plain and having seen this I just have no other explanation
  14. Maybe that's another way to go, at least if I am flying in known territories.
  15. Ok, I will try to protect the screen from direct sunlight and then see, if overheating is less of an issue. I know that the newer series of iPad don't have this problem, but the one I've got is a iPad mini 3.
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