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  1. We arrive in Cobar, explore the town on our folding Brompton bicycles, and then head to White Cliffs to check out the underground Motel.
  2. Thanks NT5224. It's a great way to see the country - while we miss a lot of what you see when driving, you make up for with what you see from the air. We have been so impressed with the fold up bikes, after giving them a good run, we'd take a Brompton over a normal push bike for normal everyday use (even when space is not an issue). Without them we wouldn't get to many destinations as there are plenty of places where there is no car hire or taxi service.
  3. Thanks Mark, we add all of the details of the place we visit on our website http://australianadventure.net/destinations/ You can click on the link on the map and it will give you all the details we have put together for that location. We pretty much are trying to record all the info we go looking for at each destination. It's not very comprehensive at this stage but we are working on it as we get time.
  4. We depart for outback NSW in our RV7. Before we head off we install a new Garmin autopilot and complete the annual inspection. After taking off in rough weather, we pass some gliders in thermals and arrive at our first destination - Cobar.
  5. Council kept adding more 'over the top' requirements to the parking arrangement as the show neared the start date. Cost the organisers a huge amount that wasn't budgeted for - as it was not something council were upfront with from the beginning. The organisers had no other way to recoup some of these costs so that is where the parking fee came from. I don't think it was well advertised as they were trying to find some other way to fund it... but in the end there wasn't any other options. If you don't want to pay it they will still let you in to park as they don't want it to ruin the event - you just tell them you are not ok with paying it... they are just trying to recoup some of the costs. The land owners donated the land for carparking and Airventure are not using to it to profit. If there are any funds over and beyond the car parking deficit then that money will be given to charity. Council are also charging landing fee's, so you are not paying any more than you would if you flew in. Agree - it was not well advertised...but that gives a little insight as to why. I think the event itself has been pretty good and hope it can happen again in Cessnock next year.
  6. For those that tried the links in this feed unsuccessfully, you can find heaps of their content on their youtube channel
  7. apparently, one sock is all they are offering! Each year they promise bigger and better... I think there is still plenty of room for improvement... Happy to see a few new features on this years program on the past few years... but would love if there was more on offer.
  8. It's more than just planes. It's a celebration of flight! 19-21 October 2017 RAAus are pleased to bring you AirVenture Australia (AVA) 2017. Building on the success of 2016, this year’s event is certainly designed to offer something for everyone. An assortment of seminars for young, old, experienced and novice aviators. A comprehensive aviation exhibition space where if you can think of it, you’ll find it. Top all this off with an airshow that will blow your sock off and you will start to see why AVA 2017 can’t be missed. Tickets now on sale https://www.airventureaustralia.com.au
  9. Here is our latest trip. Adelaide then flight to Murray Bridge....
  10. ha ha thanks Bernie! that's not the first time we've been told we remind them of the Leylands:cheezy grin: Thanks for the welcome!
  11. Thanks David, there will be more... they are still in the making. Usually once we are up its a nice temperature in the plane. The worst of the heat is loading and unloading on the hot tarmac. We have sunshades that we stick up when the sun gets a bit much.
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