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  1. Thank you for at least thinking about what I was asking. My question was as follows. If the MTOW is 600 kg on a normal day, should the weight be decreased on a really really hot day because performance will be less. Seems like a perfectly interesting question. One answer is "No, DUH, or it would be in the POH". Another answer might be that, theoretically, from some points of view, the MTOW could reasonably be *higher*. My understanding of Vno is that it is set so that if there is a really big updraft, the aircraft stalls (because of the increased AoA) before the aircraft is subject
  2. I was not suggesting that anyone fly overweight. My question was if, in particular conditions, the MTOW should be revised. And Foxbats don't have laminar flow wings. And if CASA does allow you to fly overweight then, actually, you can do it and it is a legitimate thing to discuss. Except that was not what I was asking about. And, the same airframe of floats has a MTOW of 650 kg. And, no I'm not advocating flying overweight.
  3. My question was not about ground roll. My question was about MTOW. My question was if one should reduce the MTOW for air that is much less dense than usual. The obvious answer would be, "No, otherwise it would be in the POH, DUH!" But because my plane does not fly well at around MTOW, and planes can take off at 40 degrees C, and this is a forum for chatting, I thought I would ask the question.
  4. The numbers move in the wrong direction, just like you said. So, if I turn right, the numbers start moving from the left. What was interesting was that it was hard to work out *why* it seemed to be wrong. I suppose I thought that if I am turning right, that is where the numbers should appear from, the right. Also, bigger numbers should be to the right of littler numbers. I navigate with the compass rose on the Dynon, and the pedestal. compass was a late addition after the AHARS (? spelling) died and I was without any compass for a while. I also thought that I would be abl
  5. It doesn’t need to be this complicated. She said she would send it to a CFI, so get a CFI to request it.
  6. Don’t do that. Just get her to send it to a CFI. Also, no one cares what *you* find ridiculous. Find out if there are any regulations. If you can’t find any, ask CASA.
  7. I'm *not* an expert on this. Can a cracked piston or ring problems cause the oil to be burnt, or vice versa? If not, they why test that particular cylinder. I would have thought that ring problems would have actually decreased the risk of oil being burnt because of inefficient combustion.
  8. I am NOT an expert on this. I thought that there were portable transponders you could stick on your window or put on a wing tip? Like SkyEcho on the OzRunways website.
  9. ATC is supposed to make travel as safe as possible, even for pilots who do the wrong thing. That’s how come a finding was against ACT even though the pilot was wrong. This way of looking at things is at the heart of aviation safety. Also, saying it was determined to be ATC’s fault is a straw man. Also, the point you made would have been understood by the people doing the report. They get it, don’t worry.
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