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    Plane crash near Stawell

    I heard a theory after last year's incident that a contributing factor may have been the chute, or lack there of. apparently the chute is forward of the firewall and obviously moves the CofG forward. Because chutes are mandatory in (at least in some) European countries this is the standard configuration that is tested. Of course in Australia the chute is an option. Without it the CofG goes back The aft CofG limit would be the same for all bristles regardless of how they are equipped from the factory.
  2. Thruster88

    Some good news from RAAus

    Anyone know what the "exciting plans for the future" that will be announced at the AGM might be ?
  3. Thruster88

    Cri Cri

    It's a good configuration to keep an eye on the toy jets to make sure they are not setting fire to the aircraft.
  4. Thruster88


    Is there going to be two major flying schools for wellcamp? Alan Jones must be over the moon.
  5. Thruster88

    AOPA and CASA

    Without medical exemption no VH owner is going to bring their aircraft to the the RAA, you would still need lame maintenance,the medical plus $400 In fees.
  6. I should have read Appendix B before posting.
  7. Thruster88

    AOPA and CASA

    All this fighting has been caused by Raa's we must grow mantra from the two M's. RAA aircraft numbers have been stagnant for the last six months at about 3350, the only source of growth is further mining of the VH fleet. I fly a thruster, beech23 recreationaly with the required class 2 medical, we should all be treated equally, self certification for all rec.
  8. I am saying that the rudder trim cable could have pulled on (rotated) the Jack screw during the crash sequence just as if the pilot was manipulating the control.
  9. One of the rudder trim cables was broken in the crash so lots of force, probably enough to move the jack screw all the way. The report fails to mention this possibility.
  10. Thruster88

    AirVenture car parking

    The car parking and traffic control should have been covered in the first meeting with council, smells like b.s..
  11. Thruster88

    The Backyard Flyer

    $19000 in 2014. A used Thruster single is 5k ?, I don't think the demand for simple and cheap is there anymore.
  12. Thruster88

    Vacuum Gauge

    Your ear should alert you to a sudden drop in map, absolute power in a fixed pitch prop airplane that's the tachometer.
  13. Thruster88

    Rex cuts Mildura - Sydney route

    Unfortunately it's the locals that suffer from the council's adoption of some consultants grand plan.
  14. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Command-Aire 5C3. I enjoyed the film 1934 how to fly
  15. Thruster88

    Narromine AusFly 2018

    Great vid, shows how the Thruster got it's undeserved reputation. I am taking mine to Aus fly 2018 hope I don't ground loop it !
  16. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I am not good on spelling or religion.
  17. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    #1180 Cristavia MK4
  18. Thruster88

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    Breezer aircraft B600
  19. Thruster88

    reverse parking

    The pilot as he taxied up to his hangar would have seen that he had no visitors and that the spectators were all clear.
  20. Thruster88

    Flying in Australia

    If you take out the helicopters and jets it would be even higher, old planes are great!
  21. Thruster88

    reverse parking

    Someone who can build an aircraft like that, and with the flying experience he has can probably park it that way safely. To be fair it was done more slowly than the vid shows and it has a reversing camera. Reversing out of a driveway is probably more dangerous/heartbraking should we ban that?
  22. Thruster88

    Help needed - Lets hold RAAus to account

    Someone, because a group of people could not be this stupid, is back peddling ?
  23. Thruster88

    Installing a UHF

    A handheld with headset adapter would be the lightest and cheapest. I have an icom a15 VHF as backup works well with the adapter i just use the ptt on the unit. A high power handheld in an aircraft will transmit over 100km