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  1. Any meti Any meeting between the heads of the three organisations to come to some mutual agreement about recreational aviation will require those delegates to leave their personal egos AT THE DOOR! If they can do this and actually find the common ground, then we might have a chance.
  2. All sorted. Thanks for the advice and tips.
  3. Thanks for the info and the offer Sam. We have located an agstrip near Coolah and its owner who is happy for us to 'drop in'. All is good. Now about the weather.........
  4. Thanks Robinsm We have located an agstrip right near town and close to the servo. Not only that the owner is happy for us to use it
  5. Coolah NSW? I'm planning a trip and Coolah fits in for a fuel stop/break. Any local advice BFers can give me? Landing closer to town? Taxi? Mobile phone service at the Coolah airfield? Landing on the golf course maybe? Cheers Glenn
  6. Oh dear! The plural of anecdote is not evidence - but there are many in the community who believe it is. Just give us some verified data Mr Binghi.........please.........
  7. BP that's all fine except that what about reincarnation? Also growth is not a necessity. Sustainability is a necessity. When we humans get this and change our systems to repair and to create true sustainability then we might have a chance. BTW flying recreationally is NOT sustainable in any way shape or form - but we still do it. DuH!
  8. I see my water turbine often. It's not a thing of beauty but has allowed us to be totally off grid for 23 years!
  9. In my short time teaching flying I found that 'older' students took a bit longer to learn - but they learnt better!
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally think they are much more beautiful than a coal fired power station.
  11. Best advice for anyone flying - Go out with an instructor in a suitable and capable A/c and stall the beejesus out of it. All speeds, fully developed spins, all attitudes and all kinds of recovery techniques. Demystify the stall and the spin. Then when it actually happens in your "gentle stalling A/c' your reaction/response is automatic and safe. I once did a dynamic stall in a Drifter of all things. Flying, turning and in a blink we were not flying. Nose down and rudder fixed it before the ground did.
  12. As a re As a regular viewer of the National Rainfall Radar page on BOM, I often notice a concentration of cloud/rain/storms around Sydney, Melbourne and the built up areas around Brisbane/SEQ, especially with a bit of temp and humidity around.
  13. Clearly the weather where you blokes are is socked in. Suggestion: Roll the hangar doors open, push the flying machine out in the sunshine (when the weather clears), top up the tanks, do a good pre-flight and go do some flying. It's quite fun you know. :)
  14. Hello Hello BP Seems like there are not the numbers to orgainse the trip in the original format. Quite a bit of initial interest but then 'there are dreamers and there are doers'. We might still do the trip but with a different vehicle and V small numbers. I will keep you posted if you can send me an email [email protected] Cheers Glenn
  15. Next ti me maybe. So big a country and so much to see :)
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