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  1. Well, I put myself in kind of a double dilemma. On one handside I dont want to spend to much money. So a good used engine would be good. On the other side, as a first time builder I would be best advised to get a complete kit. If I decide to by a kit, I can do it in germany or safe 5000Euro and buy in france. But that might deeply upset the german distributer. And he realy seems to be a nice guy.
  2. Hey Richard, still waiting for an offer for my engine kit from the german distributor. I was once told, ICP has an unbeatable price for the engine and stuff, when you order a complete kit 3. I also was told elsewhere, you cannot order a kit 3 without avionics and electrics. Or you can, but you dont save money. Wondering what it will be.... Could not find a single good used 912 ULS on the german market. Rotax distributer offered me a refurbished engine for 13.000Euros naked, which is just 4.000Euro cheaper the a new engine. In France the difference betwen kit 1 and 3 is just 21.250Euro in germany the price list reads 26.500€ ! Kits Savannah - CENTRE ULM LES NOYERS
  3. Some people like watching TV while flying. Very impressiv with two 13,3" displays: Tablet-Cockpit v2.0 - Ultraleichtfliegen Forum - ulForum.de
  4. Guess I will do something simmilar. When german regulations or my inspector force me to install steam gauges, I will install at least one unit. If I'm free to do as I like, I will propably install two EFIS and analoge ASI only.
  5. One great plus point of the MGL over the Avmap is, MGL has a perfect manual in english / Avmap has not
  6. Do I understand right? I pull the sidewalls tops apart and slide the firewall in from top?
  7. Thanks Perry, building it into one piece was my first thougt. But when I held it into place, I was shocked how big it was compared to the small opening and intended to try to insert both halfes and try to push them apart. How do you managed to get the assembled firewall in? I already have riveted the sidewall stiffeners in, so I can't push it in from the rear.
  8. Hey Bob and Kyle and Perry, after some bending on the bench the sidewalls went in without problems. Next step is the firewall. It seems to be a tight fit. Actualy my first thougt was, "This is not the firewall for a Savannah-S but for the new Ventura". It seems 7 cm to wide to fit my built.... Guess I need to find a way to convince the fusselage to grow somehow. Yesterday I ordered a MGL Xtreme Efis. (like Richard from france did also) If this peece of electronics is crap we are going to come over and have a word with Kyle.... Just kidding, on July, 17. I get a visit from my inspector. I hope I can convince him that the MGL Efis or two of them can replace most of the steam gauges. It would be a heavy anoyence to carry an aditional full set of analog instruments.
  9. Wow, two savannah builders in one road. You are lucky. There are only 10 Savannah builders in all germany. None of them nearby. Thanks for the tipps! They are very helpful. What would I have done without all the tipps and support over the last months... You are great and I dont care if your toilets are flushing the other way around!
  10. Mine is perfectly round from side to side "puh" means releasing compressed air out of your mouth in an act of release or understanding the nessesarity
  11. Puh... So I will try an other aproach. Just hope not to damage something.
  12. Hey Bob Thanks. Do I get you right? I have to disassemble the part and shaping it. And after this, its an easy fit?
  13. Thanks again Kyle. I can see no difference in my built. The sidewalls go under the floor, but inside of the factory assembled cabin sides. Like you suggest, I clecoed the angles and tried to do the bottom. Problem is that the prebent radius does not seem to fit. Where you sidewall factory bent also?
  14. Thanks Kyle. I dont see any chance to use a strap. Yes there is a round section but the peeces together are a L-shape. SL036 is the pre bend part befor the sidewal. right side of the picture First trie was to cleco the sidewall and the bottom together at the extruded angular and then line up vertical holes at the cabin door. Did not work. see picture: Then I tried it the other way. I clecoed the vertical holes and went further around til I met the extruded angular. So the round SL036 fits into the angular shape. But now, when I want to go forward along the extruded angular at the bottom, it will not line up. There is to much stress. When I use the plodger, the holes get damaged. Also the extruded angular is starting to bend. See picture: right side is good, but I need to go left and put more black clecos in. Any ideas, how to do it???
  15. Is there a trick to get the sidewalls befor the firewall ( SL036/SL037 ) in. First I clecoed the bottom in and tried to go up.... did not work Now I started from behind and tried to go forward.... seems to need very much force? Any tipps?
  16. Thanks Kyle, esp. the last photo is great. And thanks Bob for the hint about the back seat panel. I had it just clecoed in. The manual, which was real good in chap. 14 is back to this mind twisting itAlien and forced a bunch of bad language out of my mouth... also drilled 20 rivets out at varius places. Had to lay the fuselage on one side to get this big part in. And not even from behind it worked without drilling some rivets out or using brute force. ( I drilled ) Also I could not find parts SF 275 and 276 in the manual. But there place in the bird is not to hard to find.
  17. Thank you. That's a good idea. Good place. Paintjob lookes nice too. I was kind of thinking about doing mine in dark and light grey, but a friend of mine is telling me all the time this looks old... Best color sheme I have seen so far is on the red/white factory savannah...
  18. Wow, what a story! I am very impressed. I often heard UL flying is much more fun then PPL.
  19. Well, some older post of you, but men: you are as crasy as Richard and I am. Building a plane without having a license.
  20. I have no clue, how to do it. What is a practical place for the headset sockets? Herhaps someone has a photo. This is so much easier to understand for me. I make good progress on my fuselage. But I miss the excelent chapter summeries from IBob. The "Do's and Dont's" where most helpful and prevented me from bad mistakes. So I try to read and understand Kyles Blog.
  21. Right now I am assembling my baggage compartment. In one built I don't remember, there was a headphone terminal on behind the heads. Is this a good practical idea? How to do it? Is this possibly a standard part to buy?
  22. I asked the MGL support how to get airport data for europe and they send me a file real quick. So a good and understandable manual and a respondig support too.... great PLUS...
  23. Then you are a lucky one. My plan is to use EasyVFR from PocketFMS on the biggest tablet I can fit into the dashboard. Initially I just wanted a small EMS like the AVmap Engibox to monitor the rotax 912, instead of 7 round instruments. Then there was this bundle EMS plus Efis and I thougt: nice, why not get rid of all the many analog instruments.... except ASI But, due to the lack of practise, I don't know if this is best for me. But there is still enough time to get smarter...
  24. Thanks Kyle.... Not sure if I asked the right question. Can I use the Efis for GPS navigation? On the Homepage of MGL there is picture of the unit, where you can scroll to the nearest airports list and select one for heading information. Doe's this work everywere? Where to get an regional airport list?
  25. Can the MGL Extreme Efis be used as a backup navigation? I mean outside the US?
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