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  1. To indicate how many people put their faith unconditionally in the GOOD MAN ABOVE whilst flying on this planet, I was once flying a devoted Minister of the cloth to conduct a funeral service at a country church & we were cruising above the clouds at about 8000'. Whilst cruising at this altitude the Minister was obviously in deep meditation when he suddenly said ' I FEEL CLOSER TO GOD UP HERE'. I thought what the Minister had said for a few moments whilst cruising in smooth air, when the light bulb went on in my head & I then said to the Minister, "See that fan in front of the plane going around, it is keeping us both safe & cool, but if that fan stops you will soon be closer to the devil than the Man above".
  2. If you check the website for this charter company they are stating that they are not accepting any more bookings for their hoiliday destinations & for clients who have already booked, they should consult their respective travel agents for a refund. In other words the reason they are not accepting any more bookings is due to the fact that they no longer have an AOC.
  3. There are heresay reports that initially CASA performed an Audit on this Charter Operator after this unfortunate incident, however they have now withdrawn the Charter Operators AOC which has caused the Charter Operator to cease flight operations immediately.
  4. The Pilot is in Bundy Hospital at present undergoing an operation on his broken leg, but according to his wife who is at the hospital the pilot has spoken to his grandkids today which indicates that he is in good spirits at present. He may have to be transferred to Brisbane for further medical treatment once he is stabilised. Knowing this bloke for many years he is a tough bugger, & now that he is looking at 4 walls this will give him a lot of time to think about his remaining days on this planet which we all hope will be many.
  5. A previous employee of RAA who is now an employee of CASA, once stated in a RAA magazine something to the effect that ALL AVIATION ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE IN SOME WAY SHAPE OR FORM . Once this tragic accident is thoroughly investigated by RAA & or CASA, let the so called experts with all their so called expert knowledge explain HOW THIS TRAGEDY COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. What the unfortunately deceased Pilot in this tragedy didn't know about aviation was not worth knowing whilst the so called aviation experts in RAA & CASA will now have to go back to the drawing board & come up with a better explanation than the one quoted earlier in this reply.
  6. This ongoing saga concerning Jabiru engine restrictions seems to be going from bad to worse as each day passes. If the Jabiru Factory are genuinely serious about restoring their good reputation for reliable Ultralight aircraft engines around the world, (because Jabiru P/L are a good genuine Aussie Company) then it has been suggested to them several times in the past by concerned Aviation personnel that they ought to give serious consideration to determine if a negotiated COMMERCIALLY JOINT VENTURE could be successfully achieved with Camit P/L (who are another good genuine Aussie Company), & if these 2 Companies could successfully achieve this probable outcome, then it should be a WIN WIN situation for not only both of these good Companies but for the long term survival of Jabiru Aircraft Aviators around the world, & hopefully get CASA off the monkey's back with Jabiru.
  7. The 2 CASA ex employees that have supposedly passed through CASA's revolving door & who have been made the sacrificial lambs over this Jabiru engine saga, will now in all probability find it difficult to qualify for long term Centrelink unemployment benefits (& mind you they are going to be unemployable in the Commercial & Private sector in Australia for a long time)due to the EXTROADINARY GENEROUS FINANCIAL BENEFITS that CASA have to legally pay them under the terms of their employment once they clean out their desks, which we little people have unfortunatley have to contribute to through our taxes. The only good thing that will have come out of this ongoing & painful Jabiru exercise, is that the CASA Executives will think very carefully in the future before they go off half cocked again preaching the magical word of SAFETY.
  8. Considering past defects with GA Manufacturers such as Cessna, Piper, Mooney , Beechcraft etc. if the defect is of a serious nature then the Countries Regulators issue an AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVE (AD)which is mandatory , which procedure is what CASA could have done with the Jabiru engine issue if they had serious concerns regarding the technical defects with the Jabiru engine, however they decided for whatever reason to take a different approach to this matter, as it appears that they did not have sufficient factual details to issue an AIRWORTHINESS DIRECTIVE & it appears now the ball has now backfired onto their side of the court.
  9. The current news report from the new ceo of CASA is no more than a smoke screen of POLITICIANS SPEECH. Some of the older members on this forum will recall reading the same bullshxt in the AOPA magazines of 35-40 years ago when Peter Patroni , Dick Smith & Boyd Munro who occupied the AOPA Presidents Chair during these times & the same goodwill message was being preached throughout the aviation community during this era . Therefore nothing whatsoever will change within CASA for the betterment of aviation to make flying more of an affordable safety sport. The only thing that is predicted to change within CASA is unfortunatley more RED TAPE, REGULATIONS , SURVEILANCE & interference which will restrict our FREEDOM TO FLY SAFELY, as sure as the tide is due to come in on the next cycle.
  10. Raa is supposed to be a legally constituted organisation so as to represent the members that make up this association. It is not & I repeat IT IS NOT there for the purpose to act for & on behalf of CASA. The Board members of RAA who are elected by the members have a legal duty to act in the interests of its members, & to put it bluntly, they are doing bugger all about this Jabiru debacle for fear that they will fall out of favour with CASA. We have recently seen 1 good Board member (who is a Jab owner) resign from the Board mainly for personal reasons, although in his recent post he has been straight forward enough to admit that there were frustrations issues he had to deal with amongst other Board members. Unless the RAA Board have the GUTS without fear or favour to tell CASA to put up or shut up about the Jab issue , this matter will only go from bad to worse.
  11. With all the bullshxit & claptrap coming from within CASA concerning Jabiru engine failures which has resulted in untold consequential damage for the effected Jabiru owners & RAA Flying Schools , it is apparent that CASA are not going to give in easily over this debacle because they have BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN. It is a known fact that the manufacturers of Jabiru Aircraft in Australia have already consulted Shine Lawyers for their expert opinion regarding this matter, & it is now considered that if Shine Lawyers were to take on a class action on a NO WIN NO FEE basis on behalf of all effected organisations & owners that have been subjected to this KANGAROO COURT by CASA, then the COURT would in all probability compell CASA to produce their evidence in support of these draconian directives that were actioned late last year. Then & only then are we going to see any forward progress with respect to this matter, which will only go from bad to worse if legal action is not commenced forthwith.
  12. There was a 2nd world war pilot on spitfires named Bobby Gibbs who resided in Sydney, & I think he died of old age a couple of years ago, however he had built a Cri Cri which still must exist somewhere in NSW. He was certainly an interesting pilot to communicate with about the Cri Cri & his spitfire flying in Egypt during the 2nd world war. All of these bold pilots are now disappearing unfortunately.
  13. Whatever additional materials are added to the internal walls of cylinders during the manufacturing or reconditioning process, whether they are for aviation or automotive purposes, the long & the short of it without going into the technacalities, (which the majority of forum members would not comprehend if speaking technically) these added materials usually fail & leave destructive particles to circulate throughout the engine lubrication system & eventually shorten the TBO life of the engine.
  14. Confucious say:" The more firma the less terra" so stay on the ground & prevent yourself from being mowed down by a bus.
  15. If any aviator wants to know a 100% accurate forecast for tomorrow & into the future as accurate as the BOM can forecast, then here it is right now as follows: 1. It may rain. 2. it may be overcast. 3. It may be fine with 8/8 visibility. 4. It may be cloudy. 5. It may be windy. Take your pick of the above forecast items, or alternatively go outside when you get out of bed in the morning & stick your index finger on your right hand up in the air(not up behind you) & take immediate notice what is happening in front of you.
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