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  1. Home made “engine saver” could be a good solution for high humidity areas. Fish tank air pump plumped into a chemical dehydrator to pump dry air into the crankcase via the oil filler cap. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/eppages/engsaver.php
  2. snarf007


  3. I have the Uavionix Ping and it works as advertised.
  4. I just completed my RPC to RPL conversion yesterday. Took 3 days, 10hrs of ground schools/ briefings and 5 hrs of flying (incl 2 hrs of instrument flying and x-country). Once I receive my RPL, I must still do a flight review and complete my 172 endorcement. My plan is to proceed onward to PPL. The cost has been a real shock to the system and makes me question if it is worth it. My cost for RPC to RPL so far; Medical exam $280, processing fee $75, english exam, ASIC $234, foreign police checks $500, plane rental $756 (thankfully tach time), instructor $2316, still have to add the cost of C172 endorcement, flight review and controlled airspace endorcement...
  5. Allows you to access NAIPS and to file a flight note if you are so inclined.
  6. Thank you for the info. I am doing my RPC to RPL conversion next month. Have heard of a few people doing conversion over a weekend, but seems to depend heavily on the CFI’s attitude towards RAAus.
  7. Wonder if the new airport manager is the driving force behind the landing fees?
  8. I have no info about Bundaberg, just my personal speculation.
  9. Just got the email, the rumours were true. Council is introducing landing fees for all users (recreational aircraft included) at Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Seems like they are following in the footsteps of Gympie. Bundaberg beware, you’re next.....
  10. But none of them has got a nice club like Gympie!
  11. Depends on how often you fly.... On average most people take 25-30hrs according to my instructor and most solo around 13 hrs. He also refused to instruct more than 1 hour a day, his reason was that the student gets tired and does not learn any more ( so true in retrospect). Took me 28hrs and 10months for RPC. Add 10hrs PIC min for passenger endorcement and another 10-15hrs for cross country endorcement. Enjoy
  12. Shocking news! Just went to coucil website to see what the charges are..... could not find any info. a 10yr old can design a better website Surprised they did not sign up with Avdata....
  13. I followed the build on Mike Pateys channel and it was amazing to watch. Some serious and inovative engeneering. I was really impressed with how fast he fabricates carbon fiber parts and while working full time. Hopefully I will have a man cave like him in my next life.... he has got money to blow on toys.
  14. I had a 4 month hiatus from flying and went with my local instructor last week for a refresher. I knew I was rusty, but had no idea that I would be that rusty. Booked another hour this weekend and It amazes me that I always learn something when I fly with a CFI. Keep safe
  15. Russell told me about the fly-in on Sunday, unfortunately I only had Saturday free. I booked your Sportstar, but it had battery issues and thankfully Russell’s Tecnam was available. When I visited the wind was about 5 to 10kts from the ESE and I landed on 14. For the flight back I took one look at the high ground to the south, the trees and the posibility of rotors scared me and I took off from 32. Frans
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