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  1. I thought it w well organised, a great location and the seminars that I attended were great. This site has great potential, the carpaarking was unfortunate but out of RAA's control, the fee for use of the parking paddock was sprung on them the week before the event I was told. The police wanted a four figure sum to cover their presence as well. I had no issue paying $10 for a close park any way, spent ten times that in the open bar area whilst watching the P51 and Yaks do their thing. I really enjoyed it and hope more people get behind iit next year.
  2. Hi, want to start an info sharing page for the 912is in a view to helping diagnose issues etc. Had a strange issue, pilot tried to start 912is with a low powered battery, no joy. Upon replacing the battery he found that the Engine management system would not turn on, this caused all systems to not work, fuel pump, start relay etc. could bypass them all using the emergency back up battery switch however the EMS still would not display. Fault finding the system, I kept coming back to the EMS unit and upon removal I could hear a rattle like something loose inside. After speaking with the manuf
  3. The LAZAIR is a twin engine plane and they are currently on the RAA register so its not really a big leap forward....
  4. Does anyone know when this new engine is going on sale?
  5. Hi frank, that wasn't my experience I picked up a few knots in cruise. They are a few degrees finer IIRC but I believe the improvements come from the blade profile and the more rigid build.
  6. Hi, the sensenich wooden prop performs great on my J230. Picked up 150rpm static and cruises better as well.
  7. deadstick


    Hi, just installed a set of the new 3/8 through bolts in a customers 2200, the machines groove at the centre is the harmonic mod.
  8. Speaking to ben Morgan later that day he did invite the opposition minister but didn't get a response. Apologies for the spelling above.
  9. I was their all day, the brief from RAA at 10:00 was great, topics on the constitution, administration streamlining, Jabiru ( sue woods was there and it was hinted that there will be a release on this very soon) sport pilot, the new tech manual and a multitude of smaller issues. I have to say I'm very impressed with the RAA team that we have, the job that they are doing and the direction that they are taking us. The industry meeting was well attended, the host ben Morgan CEO of aviation advertiser, was very articulate and managed to keep it on topic and track most of the time with very few
  10. Hi Frank, not defending lite speed at all, but Barnaby actually delivered a joke on his knowledge of helicopters as an ice breaker! Was well timed and funny.
  11. I've been using this form to highlight scheduled maintenance since 2010 every aircraft I service gets one. all aircraft must be maintained to a schedule, for home hilts you can chose one from CASA's list A or B, and this must be documented. For LSA's it's the manufacturers schedule.
  12. Hi Bruce, All L2's should be using a secondary inspector or a duplicate for flight critical systems. There in my experience speaking with L2's is no confusion on this topic. You are right to seek inspection on your home built and as an L4 I find it surprising that it was no mandatory before registration.
  13. Hi, they can and do so. The tech manager in conjunction with a maintenance evaluation board get together and review L2 applications. The experience base of the candidate is evaluated and limitations if needed put in place. Some L2's are limited to a specific type or require work experience and a log under the guidance of and experience L2 or LAME. I was already a LAME when I applied for L2 and was still given a 12 month supervisory limitation and had to apply with documented evidence and recommendations for that to be lifted. My point is there is a robust system to determinate a candidates lim
  14. I have seen a case like this tested to the legal advice stage in RAA ( didn't go to court) , and the responsibility came to the owner of the aircraft to ensure that correct maintenance was being carried out. There is a line in the OPs manual that states it's the owners responsibility. As far as an L2 signing to say the aircraft is airworthy:- they are not and cannot certify an ultralight to be airworthy as they are not deemed to be, have a read here:- ( skip to placards and warnings) https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/g/files/net351/f/_assets/main/rules/1998casr/021/021c42.pdf ( didn't check cur
  15. So it was the float height, that's great easy fix. Don't ever use anything other than the gasket to seal the bowl. If it has been over tightened and warped it needs replacement with a serviceable item. Find a Rotax 914 experienced L2 or LAME in your area and get them to cast an eye over your work, it's amazing the things a second set of eyes pic up.
  16. How high in the bowl is the fuel level?
  17. Depending on the hours total time you will find that you have to adjust the floats due to wear on the needle and seat. I do exactly what you have described, hold the float up and have some one turn on the pump. If it does not let fuel through you will have to adjust your float height to put more pressure on the seat.
  18. If the floats are set correctly the fuel level in the bowl should not be at the gasket join. to test this remove your bowl gasket, refit and turn on your pumps if it overflows then the floats are not right or the seat is U/S. the 500 rpm spool back I have seen on a few occasions with this engine and it has always been TCU calibration or wastegate calibration related, there is also a bleed hose located on the right upper intake plenum that feeds a pressure signal to the rising rate fuel regulator, these have a habit of splitting at the join and the result is eratic fuel pressure under load, usu
  19. Couple of things from experience, 1. Your floats are not set correctly or your fuel metering needle teflon tip is worn, ( there was a batch of floats that ere replaced under warranty due sinking). 2. I suspect that the throttle position potentiometer needs calibration, to do this ( and should be done whenevr you balance the carbs) you need software and a dongle. 3. The TCU ( turbo control unit) has a logging facility that record exceedances and faults suggste a download and view of that data would be first step. If you are anywhere near Tamworth NSW, I am happy to plug into the TCU
  20. So can anyone answer definitively:- is the R endorsement on an RAA certificate equivalent to a radio telephone operators cert? As the reg states that in order to fly above 5000 the aircraft must be fitted with a radiotelephone and the pilot must be qualified to use it.
  21. Hi all, Could someone point me to the document allowing RAA registered and certificated pilots to fly up to 10000 feet please.
  22. Best to talk to Ian bent on the topic, trouble shooting jabiru fuel delivery issues is in the manual, they state s minimum fuel flow check in the pre first flight checklist in the build manuals.
  23. Sounds like heat related, are jabiru offering any warranty?
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