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  1. If anyone has any other design ideas please send them my way. I also need help with powerplant choice and propeller. The current theory is to work with ElectraFlyer's kits, ElectraFlyer.com - Price List.
  2. I'm planning to build an electric powered sailplane - Microlift glider (Microlift glider - Wikipedia) over a period of 7 years with a budget of approximately 10,000AUD. Design Criteria : low cost folding/dismantlable wings narrow fuselage an electric motor powerplant simple construction steel fuselage with fabric covering a possible empty weight of sub-100kg and 200kg MTOW etc.. Design idea: I really like how compact this design is, but I want to know if there are any drawbacks with such a design.
  3. After more researching, I leaning over towards wood aircraft since there are usually cheaper and easier to work with. the Kr-2 below. PS. I have worked with wood for the past 3-4 years at school.
  4. I'm building a tricyle version because its easier to take-off and land, plus I don't need any special training. Is a starter, alternator and battery the only parts required to get a electric startup system. Not intending to build anything else electrical. Also what do you mean by
  5. Okay I've been doing extensive research on the Hummel Bird. I have divided most of the costs into different batches so I don't end up spending $17,000+. Please review the spreadsheet below. Hummel Bird Also I wanted to ask if hand-propping an engine is safe or not. And if not how would I go about installing an electric starter. Thanks,
  6. Has anyone built the Hummel Bird, I'm interested in neccessary instruments used for Day VFR
  7. So I should get my license before starting to build, because I was thinking otherwise. I was planning to start construction on the plane, so buy plans, tools (dont need big power tools since I got school equipment) and material since its cheaper to start (to my knowledge). Then when I'm done on the plane I can start on my license, which means 6 months of training alongside Uni or work. Then trasition training if required. Anyway thats how I think I might pan things out as.
  8. Also a cool little plane I forgot to mention was the BK-1 tricycle.
  9. Just been doing some research on the HummelBird because you can build it for around 10k USD, but I started getting worried when I saw all the accidents that have happened. I wanna be sure what I'm building is safe so can you give me some insight?
  10. Yeah, I've been doing extensive research for the past 2-3 weeks, but it seems as I'm not getting anywhere! I was initially looking at an RV-4 kit but now I'm looking at scratch building a Hummel aircraft (HummelBird or Ultracruiser) Thanks for resources btw!
  11. I guess so, but I'm pretty sure were gonna be travelling then as well
  12. Dang it, school finishes on the 22nd and we leave for a 2-week vacation in the US a day after :(
  13. Mum says no, but my dad is coming in October and he might be more optimistic about it :) Will keep you updated. PS I live significantly closer to Jandakot (only a 30min) compared to Mandurah (about 1h and a half).
  14. I'd love to, need to discuss with parents though. Whats the aircraft?
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