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  1. Good point Oskar. For 15 k one could buy a Drifter, a Jodel or a Cessna 150. ( as examples). All 2 place , all fun.....
  2. Hi BD , The black max were on the Drifter I just sold. They are a good system for sure.
  3. True that. I ll check them out. Thanks Geoff. JB
  4. I d love to hear any experiences of brake conversions and retro fits for ultralights. Black max is an option and I ve seen Avid and schimano hydraulic bicycle disc brakes and the like. Cheers, John
  5. Was it a case of an unplanned manoeuvre in a moment of ego ? It s often the last moment unplanned stunt that catches one out. I saw a sailplane pilot do a low beat up , in the last moment he decided he had enough speed to pull a loop. Pull he did, too much in the initial, so ended up with no round out altitude. He was lucky. Broke the sailplane and his ankle.
  6. just a comment on hose clamps. excess tail protrusion rubbing on adjacent hoses or components can make a hole very quickly, especially where abrasive dust etc is involved. The photo of the glass filter at the top of this thread is an example of such potential.
  7. Having 30+ years of A/C inspection up my sleeve and having carried countless inspections, I have to say that any LAME that supports a less than 100 % accurate report in Loyalty to a customer to sell an aircraft should be struck off for life. Zero tolerance. Sadly it does happen. I inspected a site unseen purchase many years ago that had a piece of timber batten tape bound around a main spar crack in a piper pawnee. Whats worse is the guy that bought the plane flew it to our airfield for inspection !!
  8. Yes thats the "go to". Im curious tho as the previous owner had built several aircraft and was a wealth of knowledge so he clearly had some idea to fit it. So wondering if anyone has seen a plasma II fitted to a 503.
  9. Hi all, I recently purchased a Drifter with a 503 UL motor. With the aircraft is a new still in the box Plasma II + CDI kit. Has anyone fitted this kit to a 503 ? I have only seen them fitted to GA applications. It may be up for grabs if anyone is interested. JB:plane:
  10. I m a long time aviation obsess. Im currently doing a 30 yearly on the only .74 scale J3 cub of its type. 034 for any of you that may be familiar with it. Would love to hear from anyone that has any stories to tell of this aircraft. Cheers, John
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