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  1. ERC Low 8, and ERSA for step heights under R131 in PRD.
  2. 1500ft AGL - but which ground level? Or do we need to fit terrain following radar if we want to avoid entering Class E?
  3. I have one, although now relegated to pax, had no problems with it (apart from the fact after about 4 years the black foam material disintegrated - only discovered it when taking a mate to Avalon, when he took off the headset his ears were black - hard to get off so he walked around the airshow with a pair of black ears!).
  4. Hudson River corridor, low and slow up past Manhattan. Until I retired, seemed to spend half my life in New York, so have a soft spot for it. And the US seems to value recreational and GA more than we do here.
  5. In practice, not an issue though. Going into Moorabbin I never file a plan (unless it's part of a much longer flight, for which I'll normally file a plan anyway), into Essendon usually but not always. Never had a problem - in fact the only time I was refused an immediate clearance was on a flight plan, and that was because of conflicting traffic.
  6. You can go into controlled airspace without a flight plan - the get out clause is para 2.7 (2.4 allows flight notification by radio): "Abbreviated details for operations in controlled airspace may be advised by radio if the flight is to operate locally, or operations will be for a brief duration."
  7. Welcome pfer! Spent many great times in Indianapolis in the '70s working with Eli Lilly - and a few times managed to organise my visits to coincide with the Indy 500, lots of memories!
  8. At 8500ft, and MP 21.1, it's pretty much WOT depending on temperature. No experience on the Cardinal, but the recommended cruise settings on the IO360 in the Arrow at that altitude and 65% power are either 2200 or 2500 at WOT. So in the range.
  9. While the descent rate may be slower than under a BRS, there is still a significant forward velocity and a lot of energy to be dissipated.
  10. No effect at all! Except perhaps lots of feathers floating around the cabin and clogging up the A/C vents. How did I go as a mere PPL?
  11. You can find copies of the pages from "Journey to Nowhere" on flickr: [MEDIA=flickr]Za2fxN[/MEDIA]
  12. Well I can't compete with Thruster, that machine is something Heath Robinson would be proud to call his own! But my interests are woodworking (and particularly woodturning) and photography. Plus a bit of gardening when her indoors needs a bit of help with the chainsaw!
  13. What is this CD of which you speak? Will it fit in my 5¼" drive?
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