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  1. corky450


    Hi Richard I owned that thruster from about 1991 to about 1995 and was a great plane to fly ,maybe even better than my current t300 because it is way lighter, could land it anywhere. One of the best flights I had in it was from Tamworth to south west rocks and then to evans head at 500 foot most of the way for the great eastern flyin ,landing on the beach to refuel and to ring up Coffs control tower for clearance thru zone as I didn't have radio . Gotta love the old days Cheers Corky
  2. i remember the good old days about 15 years ago a friend and myself flew a thruster tst and single seat thruster into tamworth airport,with permission for an airshow,both had single ignition 503 rotax's
  3. Hi Avion,i got 6.00 x 6,6ply tyres off ebay for 60 dollars each,or you could try a mower shop as some shops carry 6 ply front tyres for ride on mowers.
  4. corky450


    If it is 95-10 rego it is 300kg.
  5. Tony Thanks 4 the info,time to do some measurements & get it flying. Cheers Corky
  6. Hi Tony,I am also rebuilding a clipped wing single seat(1984 ),and need to make the wing struts(lost by previous owner),so will be very interested in the strut measurements and if there was any washout ,I'm yet to source the tubing though. Cheers Corky
  7. G'Day Steve Shocking news,get well soon, you've still got to get that Jab up to Tamworth one day. Cheers Corky
  8. You've got a good one there,its way lighter than my t300,and eaiser to land.Good to see it go to a good home cheers corky
  9. G'day ptomahawk,i used to own that tst back in 1992,and steve let me fly it a couple of weeks ago,brought back a lot of memories cheers corky
  10. Robinsn ,yeah i'm pretty sure it's 3:1 ratio & i'm burning about 18 lts an hour also
  11. t300 with 16 degrees, 68 inch brolga prop, e gearbox,blue top 582 getting 55 kts at 5500 rpm.6300 rpm flat out
  12. my thruster with my daughter waiting to go flying
  13. on the early single seaters the the serial numbers were stamped on the end of the aluminium engine mounts cheers corky
  14. Good article,seems to know what he's talking about.
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