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  1. Late last year my PLB failed to light on test. The three flashing lights failed to flash. Following conventional wisdom I brought a new one, a bargain at $356. A couple of months ago, I thought I had better dispose of the old one responsibly and set about removing the batteries for proper disposal. I was surprised that there were no anti tamper screws or glued components, three coarse plastic screws and that was it. Two 6 volt batteries piggy backed on the circuit board and the whole lot just slid out, further to my surprise the batteries had a replacement date, a quick look on line, $25.75 each. Bugger!! I noticed the battery plugs looked just like the plugs on the batteries in my R/C boat. Beauty! A look on line about charging lithium manganese batteries revealed nothing sinister, on the charger they went. I tested the charger and batteries for heat production, and nope, nothing. After a couple of hours, the batteries read 6.3 volts, two days later, 6.3volts. Reassembled, and three months later, three big flashes on test. Now I have two PLBs, one in the plane, one on the trail bike. I think I investigate a bit deeper next time rather than rely on on line forums.
  2. Earl Pike

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    You are not wrong, I nearly choked.
  3. Earl Pike

    Running Cost for Jabiru

    Just had my yearly/100 hourly done, J 230, $ 530, LAME had it all day. Just had my wife's Volvo done, C70, had breakfast while it was being done, $1300, 2 hours. No flying, is not expensive.
  4. Earl Pike

    Super-bike rider taking to the skies.

    Flying an aeroplane is very much like motorcycling. It is physics, finesse and being one step ahead. Similar to downhill mountain biking, down hill skiing and snow boarding. There is no thinking about work, the mortgage, what the kids are doing. That is where you are, right there in the moment, occupying every part of your thoughts and actions. It is called concentration, a fantastic drug. You will love it. Fly every thing you can.
  5. Earl Pike

    Jabiru Models

    Thank you for your comments John. My model has a wing span of 530 mm, and is made entirely of scrap. The only cost was the can of appliance enamel, and I must admit that I have a pretty well equiped work shop. I did did look at Factory Direct Models, but the conversion from US dollars to Au dollars was a bit scary for something that the grandkids like to "fly around". The full size 230D is a pleasure to fly, fast, reliable and predictable, rugged and good to look at. Take care and fly safe. Earl
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  7. Earl Pike

    Jabiru Models

    I am the very proud owner of a J 230D, and have been looking to find a model to display. There are some available,but cost a month's hangarage. So I down loaded images from the Jabiru website, enlarged them, glued them on to some wood and started carving and sanding. Finished in fridge paint and contact pinstripping, I think it came up a treat.
  8. Earl Pike

    Turbine Pocket Rocket

    I noticed the plane move just after start up. It can't be torque reaction, so it must be the pilot adjusting his huge cods.
  9. Earl Pike

    Checklists and procedures

    I agree with Nev, that check lists are generic, almost universal, regardless of the aircraft. My wife and I were embarking on a helicopter flight out of Port Douglas to a sand spit on the reef, quite an adventure. The pilot, he looked to be at least 14, began his check list, which I automatically joined in on "hatches and harnesses". The pilot laughed, and asked did I fly. I answered "yes" , explained my experience, and as a result, we had a flight a little better than the usual. The checked list differed, but was easily recognisable in relation to intent.
  10. Earl Pike

    Hello all from West Of Scotland

    Hello Brian, You have chosen well, the Jab is a good, solid, reliable, and not unattractive aircraft. I am a bit biased, as I own a J230. I fly it in northern Victoria where it is a bit flatter and drier than Strathaven. I was in Strathaven, last year on may way to Nielston, to do some research on my wife's family. Looks like we may be back again in July for another look. You live in a pretty part of the world, from the air I imagine it would be special. Earl
  11. Earl Pike

    Reliability of EFB's

    To navigate, the vikings used a lump of iron ore on a piece of string, and a raven. The iron ore would give a general direction of north, and when the raven was released at sea, if it came back there was no land, and if it flew away, it would be heading for land, so the sailors followed it. If you said to a Viking, you can have a device that tells you where you are, where you are going, where you have been, how much fuel you have used and have left, the terrain below you, the weather in your region and you destination, and other factors that would impact on your journey, is reliable 95% of the time or you can have the bird and rock, I doubt they would choose the rock. I was visiting my brother-in-law at Yarrawonga, where he has a rather special RV9. We were in his hangar, and he said watch this. He arched into his plane and moments later, there was the sound of servos and the control surfaces began to move. "It thinks it's going to Denilliquin" he said. I felt a moments sadness that this machine was in a shed and trying to find its way to somewhere else. Modern technology has capabilities undreamed of 10 years ago, 5 years ago and continues to to make our lives and pursuits easier and safer. Have you ever wondered why cars don't have crank handles anymore. I am a real big fan of new stuff. I just love it!!
  12. Earl Pike

    Since when Do We Need...

    How about bugger all wings, huge motor and a giant fan for a prop. The S.6b was the fastest thing in the world in the 1930s, 400 plus mph. The air frame was a radiator for the huge engine,(predecessor of the Merlin and the Griffon), which had an operating life of 5 hours. In fact it was mainly an engine that floated and flew. And it was the last winner of the Schnieder Trophy.
  13. Earl Pike

    Para gliders

    Some readers seem to think I am upset or have have a problem with sharing airspace, I don't and as for being a weekend warrior all to ready to admonish, I am not and I didn't. How could any one have a go a someone who was so excited about what he had just achieved, 4.5 hours in the air and about 110 ks without power. I was just a bit surprised about how unaware some gliders are of other air users. I know it is see and be seen, gliders have the right of way, and radios are not mandatory, but it is good to know where you are where you have been, and the proximity of other air users. And there is compact light weight technology that allows this. All part of RAA training. I with Nev, on warm days with thermals about, keep away from the areas on your charts marked with a little glider.
  14. Earl Pike

    Para gliders

    It's a bugger Australian place names are not on spell check.!! I will have to get a new editor.
  15. Earl Pike

    Para gliders

    Keenaviator, That' OK, apart from his name, Bob, I can't give you any more info about club/school etc. With regard to VFR rules seen and be seen, paragliders are very difficult to see against a coloured background from the air looking down, as they are usually multicoloured and stationary. They may be able to see aircraft, but their ability to "get out of the way" is limited. I am not denying their right to fly, it is just that when there are 30 to40 in a small area of sky, it can be intimidating if a pilot is unsure of where they are or going. With regards to the practice of using metres, it was not until I did the conversion a to feet, that I released how high he had gone. PS Porpunka should be spelt Porepunka, my error. A picturesque grass strip, close to wineries, excellent restaurants and accommodation, in a valley blessed with excellent weather.