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  1. Earl Pike

    Earl Pike

  2. Stevron, you mention Porepunka in your opening comments. A quick flight up the Kiewa Valley from Albury. I am a hangar owner at Porepunkah and delighted to say the local council has a strong commitment to the airport. Alpine shire is responsible for Mount Beauty and Porepukah fields, both of which would have to be among the most scenic in Australia. The Shire released more land at the north end of Porepunkah a year or so ago, and I was fortunate enough to secure a lot, 12 x 20 mtrs. Hangar owners lease the land from the council, based on the area of the hangar. During construction of some of the new hangars, a drainage issue was discovered, that could impact on hangar construction. To the Shires credit, drainage of the entire new release has been undertaken, with a sealed taxi-way. At the Shire's expense. New hangars will be required to install sub drainage connected to the master drainage system. The landing fee charged to visiting aircraft, by donation goes directly to airport running costs, as does leasing fees, administered by Porepunkah Airport Association. My hangar lease includes exemption from landing fees, and all my costs are less than half I paid for rental space at Yarrawonga. Anyone looking for a council, sympathetic to aviation, need look no further than Porepunkah and Mount Beauty.
  3. ?? Ssshhhh, You might wake it up.
  4. I’m about to throw a fet, lock, you all out. But the you might put me down.
  5. It’s all true I tell ya, I said to the owner “Why the long face”
  6. Only when he is jockeying for position
  7. You are all just trying to stirrup trouble...
  8. The poor owner has been saddled with a huge repair bill
  9. I did not intend this thread to be a race to the finish
  10. I was in the paint shop, at an airport in regional northern Victoria and saw a Jabiru 230. Apparently, the plane had parked in a paddock overnight and was grazed upon by a horse. The leading edges of the tail and main wings had significant damage down to the glass, through the paint and gel coat. I don’t know the owner, so I haven’t posted photos or named the paint shop. This is the second time I have seen horse damage by horses. When I was training at Lilydale, some years ago, a horse ate the vinyl roof of a rather good Ford LTD. So, beware the curious horse.
  11. Well done Thruster88. A great place to fly. Good friendly airfield community, ranging from hang gliding, paragliding, gliding, micro lights, GA and RA. Close to Wangaratta, Brown Bros. at Milawa, Mount Beauty, Shepparton and a little further to Deniliquin. All active and welcoming flying groups.
  12. That’s my hangar, bottom left. Good wine, food and adventure.The mountains could be clue.
  13. Late last year my PLB failed to light on test. The three flashing lights failed to flash. Following conventional wisdom I brought a new one, a bargain at $356. A couple of months ago, I thought I had better dispose of the old one responsibly and set about removing the batteries for proper disposal. I was surprised that there were no anti tamper screws or glued components, three coarse plastic screws and that was it. Two 6 volt batteries piggy backed on the circuit board and the whole lot just slid out, further to my surprise the batteries had a replacement date, a quick look on line, $25.75 each. Bugger!! I noticed the battery plugs looked just like the plugs on the batteries in my R/C boat. Beauty! A look on line about charging lithium manganese batteries revealed nothing sinister, on the charger they went. I tested the charger and batteries for heat production, and nope, nothing. After a couple of hours, the batteries read 6.3 volts, two days later, 6.3volts. Reassembled, and three months later, three big flashes on test. Now I have two PLBs, one in the plane, one on the trail bike. I think I investigate a bit deeper next time rather than rely on on line forums.
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