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  1. You already have Cessna 150s (including at least one aerobat) registered with Ra-Aus.
  2. How do you block or ignore this Bongo clown with the new software?
  3. On yer bike Mr Ashby.
  4. winsor68

    canadian sabre's

    Pretty stupid place to put an ice-cream parlour...
  5. Mr Trumpet would love that. A Texas company outsourcing their kits to Mexico. Looks like they do awesome work.
  6. winsor68

    A time now sadly gone,

    I agree 100%. There is nothing wrong with the youngsters. Sadly on top of what you are saying is the fact that if they do rock up the attitudes shown by many of the older generation is not something that would encourage young people to stick around. There is a lot of homophobia and similar attitudes that young people for the most part just don't want to be around.
  7. winsor68

    A time now sadly gone,

    Hey Bull. If you have any more videos please up load them to Youtube. They are great.
  8. winsor68

    Guess This Aircraft ?

    I've got one...a little bit different perhaps but it is still an aircraft.
  9. winsor68

    Radio Control Drifter Plans

    I'd be interested in a short kit. Regarding Aeroflyte...they call it AeroFlight...as they must not have gotten the name in the purchase...but...they already produce Brolga sailplane and Hustler mk3 kits...and I am told the next one will be a control line. The bloke who is behind it is called Brian Simpson and he owns Perth RC Models and Hobbies. It's early days yet but lets hope they keep the dream alive. You can find a lot of the plans and files on facebook here--->Log in to Facebook | Facebook
  10. winsor68

    Radio Control Drifter Plans

    I've got two of the new Brolga 2 meter sailplanes and they are excellent. Cost of the Drifter plan from Wolf Models is $45 delivered.
  11. winsor68

    Radio Control Drifter Plans

    Not wanting to steal the thread...but have you guys heard about efforts underway to preserve and reproduce more of the Aeroflyte range of kits?
  12. winsor68

    Radio Control Drifter Plans

    There you go. Thanks Mick.
  13. winsor68

    Radio Control Drifter Plans

    Where did the owner get them from?
  14. winsor68

    Radio Control Drifter Plans

    I reckon 100 inch would be better but would definitely be interested in a set of plans either way.
  15. winsor68

    Guppy plans

    Down load them here. [Aviation] SNS-2 GUPPY Ultralight Plans