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  1. I was Northern Editor of the Thruster Bulletin, that was started by Tony, and we often spoke by 'Skype' phone when the need arose, or I just wanted to have a chat. Incredibly Tony was still working on the magazine a few weeks ago, not far short his operation, in fact. I first became aware that something was wrong when, while talking to Kay, she told me that Tony couldn't remember things now and had fallen over a few times. The speed of disease is frightening, and although Tony was given up to 9 months, he only lasted weeks. Knowing that Tony didn't suffer is a blessing, but we have
  2. Tony Hayes is finally at peace after losing the fight to his aggressive Cancer...... we will all miss you. To: "Roy Gilby @ gilbys.id" <[email protected]> Just the message that I have been dreading Roy. I will put this on the forums as it is - a lot of people are going to be sad, although most will have never met him in the flesh, but became his admirers through his writing. Please pass my deep sadness and condolences on to Kay, Ted --- On Mon, 9/11/09, Roy Gilby @ gilbys.id <[email protected]> wrote: From: Roy Gilby @ gilbys.id <[email protected]> Sub
  3. Tony's back home now and I had a couple of words with him. He seems positive, but obviously the blitzing that his operation gave him is not making him overly chatty and of course he isn't mobile. Good to hear him though and I wish him the easiest time possible - something that I know goes for all his Mates.
  4. From Ted Snook, Northern Editor of the Thruster Bulletin Dear all, I have just had a message from Roy Gilby, the Guy who assists Tony with publishing the Bulletin. Tony has had a very rapid deterioration in his health over the last month or so, culminating in his admission to Hospital, where they diagnosed a large Brain Tumour. This was successfully removed, but the problem is that it was of an extremely aggressive type, so will grow again fairly quickly, the prognosis being that even with palliative treatment, Tony has only 6 to 12 months left, so will be unlikely to be able to ha
  5. A sad news item just released - collision between a Glider and an RAF air experience Trainer. Two die in mid-air glider collision - Yahoo! News UK
  6. That really is a good video - very professional and interesting.....Had a chat with the lads from Thruster at their stand at the Popham meeting yesterday, and they seem pretty busy - Looking forward to the Wickenby fly-in this year.
  7. Up and running now that there's money in the Meter. Nice to see that you are back on the airwaves, so to speak. Missed you Mate, I thought that I had finger trouble. People are saying good things about the latest edition of the Bulletin #53, the Propellerhead interview with Antony Woodward and the tips went down really well. Also requested are stories from Oz pilots who have made cross country flights. I am working on our UK pilots for similar tales, but if Oz pilots don't rise to the challenge we will conclude, sadly, that they don't like flying out of sight of their home fie
  8. Breaking News Message Of Hope For Missing Chef's Family Search resumes for crash passengers 2 hours 26 mins ago Print Story Eight bodies have been recovered after a helicopter crash and the search is on to find the other eight passengers. Skip related content Related photos / videos Helicopter crash: overwhelming tragedy Play video Helicopter crash: overwhelming tragedy Play video Search resumes for crash passengers Related content No hope of finding crash survivors Air crash bodies brought to port Ne
  9. The following are all replies that British women have put on Child Support Agency forms in the section for listing father's details: These are genuine excerpts from the forms. Be sure to check number 11, It takes the prize. 1. Regarding the identity of the father of my twins, child A was fathered by Tyrone Munson. I am unsure as to the identity of the father of child B, but I believe that he was conceived on the same night. 2. I am unsure as to the identity of the father of my child as I was being sick out of a window
  10. This winter is a bit of an exception though - just like the old times - some winters nowadays, all we get is rain and the odd frost - global warming yerknow mate.
  11. Well I'll go for a ball of chalk mate - you guys had me there - I thought that you were talking about underpants, them bein' 'skiddies' - I guess that I've got a lot to learn. You're right about the Eurostar though. Handles like a little fighter and outperforms a Cessna 150/152 in just about every department, on half the fuel with a better cockpit. Just reading 'Propellerhead' - started it this morning and havn't been able to put it down yet - a must for Thruster fans or anyone else who flies come to that. Happy landings, Ted
  12. What's 'Fiddies mate ?. Don't forget you've got clean living Poms on here who only speak the Queens English. If I had to guess I would say that you are talking about 'Skiddies', but I could be wrong. Survival tip...Don't eat the yellow snow, Ted
  13. I don't know if this is the right time or place but I just had to express my sympathy for the horrors that are happening in Victoria. Here in the UK we have been getting TV images that probably don't go anywhere near covering the true picture of what has been happening to all those poor people, but what is so shocking is the news that arson is probably involved - I can't comprehend the minds of the kind of mindless fools that would do such a thing. Hope they get some rain soon, and also that they catch the bastards who caused it. Safe landings, Ted
  14. Welcome Gb, I am sure that you're going to just love flying more and more, as you get into it. Sorry that you Guys are a bit uncomfortable in all that heat out there in Oz. You want to come over here and park yer chuff in Pommy land mates - that'll cure all your overheating problems, and the kids will love all the Schools being closed. I feel quite bad about putting the Cats out at night, and seeing them disapear in a foot of snow, but they still love me in the morning. Ted
  15. I used to be a DeHavilland apprentice, in the '50s, and we were taught 1.5 to 2.5 threads showing, and never use a Nyloc more than once. We should also remember that Nylocs are not class 1 locking - all vital fixings should be class 1. Examples of class 1 locking are peening, staking, (not often used on Microlights) wire locking and split pins or quick release pins and cotter pins, used in conjunction with castellated nuts. Occasionally where a class 1 locking method cannot be used, it may be necessary to use loctite in conjunction with a nyloc nut - prop nuts/bolts are an example of
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