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  1. I usually pick up flight following and let ATC tell me when to change
  2. Back to the original post.... I was the pilot of said Rotax powered aircraft that got grounded at William Creek, upon landing in William Creek I discovered coolant was pissing out everywhere, we let the engine cool down then did some further investigations to find a split in the radiator, a new radiator was flown up and the aircraft flew back to Gawler yesterday nearly two weeks after it departed Gawler for William Creek. I am very grateful for the friendship us aviators form together, without it I would have been sitting in William Creek twiddling my thumbs for two week waiting for a new radi
  3. Hi, I have my RPC and am currently studying for my PPL/CPL/ATPL and I'm looking into the possibility of purchasing my own aircraft (Raaus registered) rather than hiring all the time. I'm not looking for anything in particular but being a student and only working in retail I don't earn a huge amount. I'm just after any advice or information the community can throw at me. Cheers.
  4. Hi, My name is Bradley and I'm a Jabiru pilot at the Adelaide Soaring Club at Gawler. I only recently got my RPC and am currently doing my NAVs. My main reason for posting this is to get the annoying message in the corner of the screen to go away. Bradley
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