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  1. Vortex generators improve low speed airflow over the wing enhancing a wings performance in slow flight. A benefit of this is a lower stall speed, but at a much less advertised cost (usually) of less stall warning. Of greater benefit (in my opinion) is that the vortex generators improve the aileron authority deeper into the slow flight regime.


    I am interested in experimenting with vortex generators only affixed to the outboard section of the wings so as to enhance the low speed authority of the ailerons while leaving the inboard section of wing to stall at it's normal angle of attack.


    It seems likely that others may already have experimented with this idea and I am wondering if any information is available?


    I am especially curious if a second row of vortex generators closer to the ailerons has been experimented with and if it has proved to be beneficial or not? Also how far forward of the ailerons would a second row be placed to maximize aileron performance?


    Thank you.



  2. If a propeller is turning 3,000 rpm and is 48 inch pitch is the theoretical forward speed 136 mph? (3,000 rpm x 60 minutes x 4 ft / 5280 ft = 136.3636 mph)


    Obviously drag and slip will reduce this.


    I ask because then a 400 mph airplane would need at 3,000 rpm a prop with over 12 feet of pitch and I don't know if that is possible.


    Just a curiosity.



  3. Hi from capital district NY


    I have recently bought an old crusty Kolb Flyer, and intend to make it airworthy again. This may take a few years even though it is quite simple, it is also old (for an ultralight).


    I prefer a larger airplane, beer budget.


    If I had the money I would own (build or buy) a two seat multi-engine motor glider to cruise in. Wing span squared x .62.



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