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  1. peterg


  2. Thank you for your response - yes you are right, easy to do but me and my friends aren't that skilled in creating the aesthetic version hence the request. Will try Hella
  3. Hello Does anyone a Gazelle key (the forked one) they no longer require or know where to get one? Thank you
  4. Bruce Vickers at Lethbridge is the best you will find PM me and I will give you his contact details
  5. Steve Pearce - Peter Bini Advance Flight Training Moorabbin - http://biniflighttraining.com.au
  6. A number of years ago I did the inaugural (and only I think) around NZ Airrace in a C170 - I had to pass the NZ Air Leg exam before I could fly - I think I was issued a temporary licence. That said, I have transited many countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia without undertaking anything. I think the requirement is there if you want to operate under the host country's licensing/certificate I think the same applies here - see extract from RA-Aus Ops manual PRIVILEGES OF A STUDENT OR CONVERTING PILOT CERTIFICATE HOLDER 4 © c) they have passed a written pre-solo air legislation on examination on; and
  7. Bruce Vickers at Lethbridge - GA & Ra-Aus - Very experienced and a great instructor - I've been flying 50 years next year - learnt on Chipmunks, flown lots of other tailwheels ( C170 UK to Australia etc etc) - he would be my choice PM me and i'll give you his phone number - do you have an A/C in mind?
  8. Geoff Wood of Wangaratta Flying School would know - he used to operate at Lovely Banks
  9. I've flown both - they are both relatively easy to fly - Drifter has a better view but in a Thruster you are next to your PAX - great for QLD - they are both tailwheel but in my opinion tame. Fabric can be tested with a Bettsometer
  10. Here's the ad Aviation Classifieds Paul has owned it for a number of years and flies it regularly throughout the year. In my opinion, they are are easy to fly so don't be put off by the tailwheel.
  11. There is a Thruster for sale at Lethbridge Vic
  12. Kaz I agree with your opinion and, in fact, alcohol consumption airside at some airfields is absolutely verboten and an offence with penalties. And, like you, I enjoy a drink or two and have sometime been known to have partaken in more than an elegant sufficiency. Nothing at all to do with Pauline, just not a good look.
  13. Hello If you PM me I can put you in touch with the owner of the "Mongrel" which is based at Lethbridge and there was another at West Sale which has recently been sold - owner was/is a L2 and I can put you in touch with him as well. Regards
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