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  1. Thats no issue as I am sure others would benefit from the extra stuff. I would like a config available to get rid of a lot of those extras...just another mode called " simple for old farts mode"
  2. Well this is the problem..software writers get carried away with how good they can do things but all it does is make the software more confusing. Just like Scott has said. If you dont use the software on a daily basis then its a big issue. I have found the past updates are just making it more and more unfriendly. Lets face it most of us are old farts and struggle to keep up with technology...the aviation..well rec avaiation is full of old farts. The young ones doing their commercial licence and use it every day probably think its fantastic but for us it just makes me want to go back to maps and my gps...really it does I sent Bevan from Avplan the same question about this issue as I havent used it but again it looks complex on the videos on youtube. Also you dont need the pro version of avplan to get adsb in from say a stratux receiver or something else. ADSB does come in handy and doesnt take any brain power either. KISS is what we need
  3. If anyone else thinks the same how about we create a list of just essentials that we want and I will send it to Bas or Rowan and see if they will do a simple version selectable in the config The maps are great also the track north and reversing of track Just need a quick plan option. The info available at airports of course is needed BOM overlay is a must fuel calcs and stuff I dont believe is necessary are really it is just simple maths you do in your head Terrain maps and Lsalt are a must Ersa stuff of course Now thats pretty simple what else do you believe should be in a simple version
  4. My mini Ipad has just died. I have felt the last couple of versions of Qzrunways was starting to get way too complicated. I just want it to be simple not all this erronious info coming up every time you touch the screen. Is the android version much simpler?..I havent seen it as I dont have any android devices. It would be great if the Ipad version had a "simple version" selection in the config. What do others think?..we are not professional pilots is there really any need for all this funky extra stuff. It seems to me the software writers just want to keep developing the software well past the point of it actually being useful
  5. Tim said on FB that Otto is ok but a bit banged up. Planes can be replaced so long as the people are ok is the main thing
  6. I just found the video..looks like Otto's Bushcat..I see Phil and Tim at the site and another all ok
  7. Anyone heard anything about a light aircraft crash at Aratula?...Ch 7 news did a FB live but I missed it and cant find it
  8. Not at all... its a difference of opinion on how others want it now and dont think about the time required or the dollars required to get it as soon as you can to help the problems we are faced with. If more of these "screamers" out there actually looked at what is behind every solution they would realise it cant happen now. I am just over totally all this. All they want to do is glue themselves to the roads and bridges and totally screw up functioning of a city when their efforts would be better to go back to school or university and actually learn something to help try to solve the problems Its not guff at all...I agree the coal lobby and media is powerfull but you are not going to overcome them so it has to be done by other means...I dont see Al Gore spending his hundreds of millions of dollars putting his money where his mouth is either not to mention all the grubby scientists out there accepting money from both sides just to feather their nests instead of getting to solve these issues Sydney 5.3 million Singapore 5.8 million Israel 8.7 million Sweden 10.2 million Finland 5.5 million Switzerland 8.57 million All of the above countries are way advanced in front of us in doing research and development and their basic educations are far better than ours. A huge amount of new tech comes from those places because they do spend the money to make smarter people....not sure about what you see down there but our country is becoming dumbed down by the "do gooders" who want all the lovey feely crap at school. Those above countries push their populations to be better .. we dont. I really dread whats happening here I see it every single day in the people I deal with due to my work. Engineers are dumb now. What happens when all of us older generation with experience are gone. You can not tell these smart arses what will work and what wont because they know better than you they read it in a book. I get so frustrated at this you would not believe how much...probably because I see it almost every day I agree totally on this. I have never said at all we shouldnt be doing it...I do design and development where I work now and the product we make is blowing everyone away and we are increasing our output by 35% per year for the last 4 years. The reason is I try to innovate..I dont copy and come up with new methods and ideas to make the product better. My problem is I dont see this happening in the industries that we need to be advanced. I said before if you have a problem throw money at it. My development budget at work literally has no limits on me what I want to achieve. The rewards are shown in what goes out the door. I see this as my normal and I dont see why it should not be the normal to solve the issues we have now with climate change and how to at least slow it. The world cash pot needs to be redirected to do this. But it doesnt happen NOW and all the wokes want it NOW..this is the bit that gets right up my ribs. Innovation takes time you cant rub a teapot and the genie pops out. I am a realist not a dreamer Sorry for the drift on this thread but I get worked up about this...I do yell at the idiot box too I am afraid when I see the stuff the media sensationalizes all the time just to have a story. Electric is the way it will all go but the power source is the problem. There is not enough being put into this to get it done. I could go on for hours about this as I am passionate too about it but the obstacles standing in the way of getting it done are just too huge the way our country is structured and run Sorry for the venting... I am going back to work on Mabel
  9. There are a lot of trucks that have LPG injection into the inlet manifolds on diesel trucks that make you burn all the diesel. Its supposed to give more power and better emmissions
  10. I realise that and thought someone would jump on me about it so be it...but the direction of the chat on here was in this direction as it is all actually related. I would love to have a smooth electric powered aircraft at a reasonable cost that actually had some range. This goes back to exactly what I was saying in the post. Until we actually get real about all this and spend the money required to develop NEW solutions that will actually help the climate/our footprint......like far better battery technology and better efficiency of electric motors and control...charging methods that dont rely on mains power out of the baseload supply. This is only one tiny part of areas that need addressing now and not in the future. Better power systems generation not reliant on so much fossil fuel..but it wont happen overnight. So shaming of us flying our aircraft because they use a fuel that emits carbon so its a sin to fly your aircraft wont happen in our lifetime. neither will commercial airline travel because as far as I can see where are all the efforts by any powerhouse country to get this done...You have a few dedicated scientists trying their best to do something but the old issue of....got a problem throw money at it... doesnt seem to be on the agenda. All the screaming and tantrums done by the woke people is just show..actually get fair dinkum about it...I just dont see it happening in the near future to the extent it really needs to be done. So keep flying your gas powered and cO2 emitting aircraft because its not going to change anytime soon that I can see when there is too much money being made by the likes of Al Gore etc. Do you honestly think that if someone came up with a new technology that would fix the majority of our emmissions and the way we do things that it would be released out to the general populus for immediate use...too many very powerfull politicians and companies would stop it dead in its tracks. So yes you can shame me if you want Greta but until you can solve these problems I dont want to hear from you...but I would be a early adopter
  11. This is where its all the biggest load of bollocks..all the nanby panby do gooders who want to change the world and change it NOW. I have been sitting back reading the tennis match between naysayers and sayers and its all a crock....I think everyone wants to change that is on here the difference is some are pie in the sky dreamers and the others are pragmatists...I am a pragmatist. What does your life and the world run on???? its called money of course not ideals. There is way too much money being earnt by the climate change screamers its a pure economy by itself. We all know things must change but at what cost..this is the number one question that needs to be addressed. Selling coal to other countries ??yeah well ok lets stop tomorrow....well all those on the pension and dole bludgers better get ready to start eating out of garbage bins because there simply wont be enough in the coffers to support you guys. All the ones that do actually have a job and work and pay the current high taxes that do keep this country running will just have to strap on another leg so we can work longer and faster to pay all the extra taxes required to run the place when we do stop all of our exports. This all goes back to do you want to have long matted hair and sit by a river trying to catch some snails to eat because you cant have a fire because the Co2 it emitts...yes you may say thats a bit extreme but int he eyes of most of these climate changer demanders that is what the real outcome will be. The whole system has to change the way we teach people the way money is funded to develop new technologies to help reduce our footprint but this has to be done on a world scale...we are a piss in the ocean when it comes to what we can do. Why is it so difficult for people to realise this. The me me now now generation just doesnt seem to be able to grasp what actually needs to go behing everything like the way power have to be generated and the loads that require base load and how all that works. They just look at the picture not who or even how it was painted let alone the detail behind how they made the paint that allowed that painting to be done. Its the facts behind every story like this that seems to be missing from these peoples brains or at least the comprehension of how it all comes together. Until there is a truely world wide push to actually do something meaningful we all will suffer the consequences even though we are all just a pin prick on the world map.....most people forget that around the world there are plenty of cities that have the population of australia in them..we are just a dot on the map. Why totally wreck our economy when the major polluters dont give a damn when in the end it wont make any difference until they take a step towards some sort of action
  12. He has some good info and also his opinion on the fires...he has some experience in doing this
  13. because the right wing web on the spar at that extension end was damaged I decided to make the tip extensions longer to cover completely and a bit more the web area so the left wing outer web section wasnt damaged but made them the same as it is just as easy to do the 2 the same albeit left and right folds
  14. Hi Marty I made them a bit longer to cover more of the spar as the web at the tip of the spar I had to panel beat a bit so decided to overlay a new section over it with the extra tip section. I made a left and right at the same time although I didnt need it for this left wing but kept it all symetrical
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