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  1. No reason if your a molly dooker....fly from the right hand seat...its not illegal
  2. Got to pay here in Qld downunder...you cant get anything for free here from the money stealing grub politicians
  3. You cant just hang something on a network powerline without permission or risk assessment etc..with all the proper bullsh#t you have to go through now days. If its your own property line then of course no drama
  4. LV 415V 3 phase... but most likely 2 phase plus neutral if it feeds the Dairy 3 wires only it would be 11KV and then it goes to a transformer which drops it down to 415v 3 phase or 2 phase. You can usually tell by the size of the insulators
  5. Only Ergon could fit the balls. They use a live line cherry picker to do it. The SWER line is 11kv. Those spinner ones I saw for the first time only a week or two ago. They have them on the LV at Archer Falls. I can ask Doug Field who put them up but usually certainly up here in gods own country (QLD 🙂 ) you can just work on the network it all has to be done via the control rooms.
  6. Cost me $2400 total to get 3 on my powerline going across the southern end of my 2 strips. I got 2 on one strip and 1 of the other. Bloody robbers. It was Ergon where I am. I used to work for SEQEB now called Energex. And yes they charged me 600 for the 3 plastic balls as well at the time but that was about 5 years ago now. $1900 to fit. Mine is a SWER line
  7. There is essentially no difference between the XL and S model except some better looks for the rear section of the fuselage. The wings the cabin the nose section the elevator and stab and fin and rudder are all exactly the same. Its just the rear fuselage and the way they connect the flaperon where it comes out of the fuselage to connect the flaperons.
  8. It took about 6 months I think between the consulation and "decree" from CASA for the ADSB stuff MTOW though I think will be longer. Hope for much shorter but its a hot topic so they will drag it out for sure
  9. The single stick is problematic if you are a large person. if your a runt like most europeans then its not a issue. Thats why I changed mine from single to twin and also modified the sticks to make it so much better. Its just a pearler now to fly. Pretty light in the sticks. I couldnt fly for more than about 90 mins as I used to get a sore hip because you have to sort of sit side saddle a bit and have your right leg shifted over a bit. Now I can fly for as long as I like and no drama
  10. Grumpy's sav has the std twin sticks...they are way too heavy and also too close to jim and the twins so not a lot of mechanical advantage. But a lot seem to like it..its getting a hammering. Was speaking to Bill last friday night at the RAA meeting at Ycab..looks like he wants another one
  11. They are a no brainer to fly..super easy and forgiving. hy do you think there are a lot around 🙂
  12. I ended up with a fuel blockage and it was exactly that in my Savannah. A small piece of plastic came off from inside the tank and lodged sideways in the metal pipe to the engine on a bend restricting the flow which was slowly emptying the float bowls at full power. Found it eventually. Wont get caught like that again
  13. Hi Guy yes its a exciting aircraft especially if you have had a fly of one. Couldnt resist had to open the boxes for a look...well thats my story 🙂 You have to do inventory so need the packing list so I opened both boxes only the top but couldnt find it. Rang Greg and he said it was at the front on the bottom of the cabin frame box so dove in and managed to find it so I can cover the boxes up easily until I make some room. Its well packed..heaps of packing and everything is wrapped in brown paper and the stickers are on the package so will leave all the parts in the brown paper when I unpack. Got to say the cabin cage looks awesome...the work in it is unreal
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