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  1. This guy excellent I always watch his channel... has some onboard video inc the crash landing
  2. WEll isnt the Sav dealer in Bendigo?....not far for some spare parts to fix it
  3. Thin sheet like 16,20,25 and 32 thou...forget it...Airport Metals in Melbourne and get shafted with the freight or Performance Metals in Sydney I couldnt find anyone up here that stocked it in that size. Small angle sizes the same situation
  4. Very funny Onetrack....mind you truth and humour are pretty much the same when it comes to the italio english build manual...this is my second one and I am still scratching my head and swearing regularly about the quality of the build manual. I have never seen that meccano aircraft before..thats pretty cool..would look great on my desk at work 🙂
  5. Here are the savannah ones. The adj plate is at the rudder pedals and the 2 flat plates attach at the rudder. They just have thimbles on the end of the cables crimped. These are the originals off Mabel
  6. The slider plates have a series of holes in them and that gives you the adjustment. I will post some pictures tonight
  7. Marty the Sav uses parallel plates and thimbles. The plates give you adjustment. I will get some pictures tonight
  8. I did my first one a different way. It was a lot more involved than this way. Just be mindfull of the angles of the covers and the angles of the brake foot levers
  9. Just be careful when fitting the plates. The rudder pedals are not parallel so when in level rudder the right side pedals will be leaning forward and the left side lean back so the brake covers need to be fitted at the correct angle so they are then equally flat when in level position. I didnt think about that and had to do some panel beating on mine to make them the same angle. Because I made the covers in a U and with the holes in them I could reshape them to make them level. Once set then I pulled the pedals out as I was going to paint inside but I think not now. I will just carpet it instead with the lightweight stuff I used before. So I will mount them back in before I put the boot cowl on the top.
  10. The extra support was bought out to stop that firewall shelf from cracking along its length. It has 2 rivets at the side and then the vertical part to attach to the skins. I will take a better picture for you but it will be self explanitory Nev it looks like a tank but the alu is quite thin in most bracketry used thoughout the aircraft. Most S models come out from about 305 to 330kg. The rating plate says 278kg but that is bollocks..you would never get one at that weight
  11. The firewall is now in and most of the brackets on it are all riveted or bolted. Made to new support brackets for the under ledge crossmember at the firewall out of 1mm. The new style bracket at the bottom of the nose leg I have but I dont think it is strong enough so I will make 2 new stainless ones the same as I did for the XL. Just have to put the engine mount support brackets on and drill the firewall once I get the engine mount on. I was able to reuse the inside trailing edge underneath section of the wing but have had to make a new outer section. I made a second one as well for the other wing to make sure I have one. This is 0.025 mm sheet. alodined them now also painted the bottom sie of both panels as these corrode out badly as moisture or water does sit in this section.
  12. Working on some 3D modeling to get the shapes cut out of the tubing so they can be welded for the fuel tanks. Also drilled the stainless steel extensions for the rudder pedals ground them so they would fit then got our gun tig welder guy at work to hide all my mistakes. Now I can adjust them and get them mounted into the floor and the firewall can start to go in.
  13. Follow the longest black wire from both modules and they go under a bolt that is into the inlet manifold..it is easy to find. Both modules are anchored under the same bolt. You need to remove them and clean up the lugs and the area on the manifold then rebolt them and try it
  14. What you do need to check especially if they are 4 wire ones is you need to remove and clean the earth lug connection for both the modules. This could be the source as well. A bad or corroded earth will produce similar and it will affect both modules
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