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  1. My experience with LAME built aircraft and LAME maintenance......I never let them touch my aircraft....sure there are a couple I can trust but the rest?....sorry Ross was one of the trusted ones Having had a few beers and a few steaks with Ross at the Breakfast Creek pub a few times when he used to come to the big smoke and many long ph calls and knowing what he was like I think he got caught by a very different handling aircraft than his own with the desire to try not to bend his mates aircraft. The report states the conversation and direction of fuel was different this I think maybe be the loss of power. It has caught many a person out. I was totally shocked with his death at the time and still think about him often. RIP fella
  2. hahaha That is common sense...very little of it exists in that government department...well truth be know pretty much any govt department
  3. Well I am glad that you are that cashed up then...a lot of us are NOT 90% of RAA pilots have no desire to fly into CTA for normal ops..why would you want to anyway 3k plus for the cheapest radio 3 times more expensive for instruments in the aircraft..stupid prices for transponders and maint..not to mention all the excess over the yop crap paperwork...who in their right mind wants to land at Brisbane airport...landing fees are hundreds of doollars
  4. Well according to the text I have read in the above document regarding maint of a more than 601kg here is the instrument CASA refer to https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2019N00021 This was bought in on the 26th of Feb this year and current until 2022
  5. I see the prickly pear of the 45kts they will look further into because RAA said that their proposal was to increase that stall speed appropriately and it wasnt considered in the discussion paper. How long this all takes of course is up in the air but I can see the proceedures for above 601kg will be very similar to std GA for sure
  6. This is what they are planning to do apparently Future direction Overall, respondents have strongly supported the proposition that an ASAO may administer aeroplanes with an MTOW greater than 600 kg up to a maximum of 760 kg. As a result, CASA will initiate the development of drafting instructions with consideration of the detail within the DP and feedback received. The draft will be published for further consultation. Additionally, feedback on the maximum stall speed limitation for aircraft up to 760 kg MTOW will be evaluated and reviewed by CASA; any change to this limitation of 45 kts will also be published with the future consultation. The next step is for CASA to engage with the aviation community regarding draft changes to the legislation by way of a Summary of Proposed Change (SOPC). The SOPC will include a draft of the amendments to the relevant standards which will reflect CASA’s policy. This engagement will be the final opportunity for consultation prior to making the changes.
  7. https://consultation.casa.gov.au/regulatory-program/dp-1912ss/?fbclid=IwAR2fSXluI4Iz9YmX6aueMzQw0TkLIhB3qyW29DLShysyeK6dPH7V-GSrJMM
  8. If my shed was big enough I would do it that way 🙂
  9. When I get it finished 🙂 I am trying to get it done as fast as I can but still do a nice job. Every time I go into the shed I have my Rans S21 Outbound kit sitting there looking at me...calling out to me to start on her 😞 . This rebuild is the one I will be flying while I put the S21 together. Mabel should have been finished by now but as usual life got in the way and so did the time so even after a 1 year wait since I ordered my S21 that 1 year snuck up on me quite fast. The other thing of course was that this rebuild was not supposed to be a rekit either. if you go through the earlier parts of this thread you will see why it has been totally pulled apart literally to every single part and most of those parts have been remade so it has taken me somewhat a bit longer than I expected.
  10. Got the elevator pulled apart late last week and worked on cleaning all the parts up this weekend. I have to make a couple of support brackets to repair the damaged bits but not a lot of drama. Spent quite a long time cleaning and tapping out the dents and bends in them. All the parts are ready to be alodined now. The tailplane has bee finished ready for the brackets to put on the elevator. The original centre pivot bush for the elevator was stuffed as you can see and I have replaced that angle alu piece and will redrill it correctly Thought I had finished the rudder but when I had a good look at it the bugger had a slight twist so I deriveted one side and used the steel tubes I got the wings and made a jig up to align it correctly and re-riveted the rudder...now its nice and straight. Always consider than anything that is NOT parallel you can do on a benchtop you will ned to jig and hold to make sure it is prefectly symetrical and straight Thought I would throw in a picture of my 2 faithful woofers..keeping guard while I work on Mabel......well maybe they were there because of the big fan I have keeping me cool in the hot shed 🙂
  11. Bruce I can tell you the zenith or the savannah are cheap kits nowdays....and so is the rotax compared to a Titan or Lycoming....So your version of cheap doesnt exist now. My rans S21 kit if you want one now and can wait the 2 years for delivery will now cost you AU$83k and thats no engine...stick a 180hp Titan in it and there is another AU 55K and you havent got any instruments or paint yet. BTW mine didnt cost me that to get in it was some 20k cheaper but I was able to organise and share freight that saved me 10k and the kit has gone up 10k since I ordered mine over a year ago....my kit arrived in october
  12. By the size of the tarp and a report from a eyewitness I think it maybe a trike
  13. WOOOHooo congrats Bob I hope you realize you are now a fully fledged member of a very small club in the world who have built and flown their own aircraft
  14. The tailplane was a mess internally also the skins were a bit how's your father as well as you can see by the previous pictures. So pulled it all apart to its individual parts and spent hours stripping and cleaning them up then acid and alodining the lot. This had small skin tensioners fitted to the outer panels but they were still quite weak so I made better ones and have got them ready to be installed when the skins go on. The top and bottom skins were well damaged/bent around in the centre due to the tailplane must have flexed a bit during the accident also the internal and rear spar. The strengtheners strips on the top and bottom of both spars were also deformed a bit so I made new ones from the 0.032 sheet and redrilled them all also straightened the actual spar edges and refitted these to the spars. I decided to keep the tip attachments on the tailplanes using the factory strips they supply in the kit as these are probably the only things I have found on this whole rebuild that are actually done well. When I rivet the skins on I will have to change the centre rivets over the spars on the skins and redrill them for 5/32 as the holes in the skins have been butchered quite a bit I wouldnt like to fit the 1/8 rivets into it as they wont have the gripping power to the skin I have though made up the strips for the top tip of the rudder cap my usual way I just have to mark the holes from the tip and put in the nutserts. These strips have been alodined and I have sanded the base of the tip so it is actually square now There has been a lot of discussion about rivets of the centre hinge support working loose and some have put a bolt in to make sure so I have had a good look and decided to add a few more stainless bolts and nylocks to there. You can see them in the pictures also left and right altenating rivets holding the bearing plates together. I have had to do a bit of panel beating on the nose skin as well which I did last night and I will alodine that skin this afternoon so then I can get the tailplane back together tonight so then I can get onto the elevator. I have partially paint stripped the elevator but I do have to replace the centre bearing angle strip holder as it is shockingly drilled out so I will replace it with a new one and redrill the bearing hole correctly. The cabin frame is now back from the powder coater so later this week I can reinstall it back in and get te boot cowl on and then can get the controls in the front in. The undercarriage will then go on and I can put the tailfeathers back on and the engine can go on for balance then I can get the fuselage outside the shed into the carport
  15. Edmo used to be the agent but not sure if they still are Thats where it came from and the AHRS unit
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