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    Prop recommendations please

    I've had a warp drive for 7 yrs, 600 hrs. Plenty of dirt strip landings. Holding up well. Reasonable strength (with nickel) edges. (Carbon fibre blades) Good range of sizes. Ground adjustable. Replacement blades good price. Can be matched to existing serial number, so dont need to buy all 3 if 1 is damaged. Probably not the most efficient or good looking prop but a work horse rather than show pony. Quite popular and plenty around.
  2. Downunder

    RAAus really do not care about procedures

    I've heard Barry talk. Sounded like a m&m shill to me. Maybe Tony was forced out just to get Barry in, and a guaranteed board vote for the m&m twins? Just wild speculation on my part though......
  3. Downunder

    Carby heater on a Rotax 912

    I've not seen one using the ac power before. The ac output is about 25 to 40v, depending on rpm. The good thing I guess is that it is pre regulator so not loading that system up? My (non electrical) opinion is you probably wouldn't get the same heat with 12V......
  4. Downunder

    Rotax 912 Coolant

    You may be aware, but Rotax came out with a new oil purge procedure last year for new engines and engine that have had the oil system drained. https://legacy.rotaxowner.com/si_tb_info/serviceinfo/si-912-018r2.pdf
  5. Downunder

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    Slightly off topic, but it looks like the NSW govt has taken a leaf out of CASA's book and "regulated" a music festival to the point where it has closed. https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/news/musicnews/mountain-sounds-festival-2019-cancelled-nsw-govt-war-on-festival/10795174
  6. Yes. For those that think microlights are hard to see, gyro's are like them, but without the "wing" . So basically just a pod....
  7. "Hello Kim old mate!... Yeah.... might have some choppers for you...... I'm sure I can sort the paperwork. ....for the right price.."
  8. Mine comes from the radiator. It would have been better coming from the oil cooler as it gets hotter and remains hotter than the radiator. Ironically, when it's cold and you WANT the heat, the radiator is being cooled efficiently and so gives off less heat.....
  9. Downunder

    CASA set to "fix" community service flights

    The living go on living, and the living go on dying ...... At what point do we accept the risk? Do we become so risk adverse that the nation comes to a standstill, because this is where the "safety (at all costs) industry" is sending us.... Do we sit in front of the tv, do nothing, grow obese and have a heart attack? What an unfulfilling life.... but hey, it was safe! We are at the point where major projects and infrastructure are so grossly expensive, they are hardly worth doing thanks to overreaching and excessive safety. Other nations are striving ahead of us in leaps and bounds but our isolation and our (govt promoted) ignorance leave us in the dark. And to the issue at hand. 2 accidents in 46 000 flights......Yes, unfortunate for those perished but I would call that a bloody good safety record. No doubt Angel flight have put procedures in place to mitigate errors in both accidents and have learned from them. Casa basically forcing them into uneconomical operations and by default shutting them down, is the typical sledge hammer approach which has earned them the ridicule they deserve.
  10. Downunder

    Rotax 912uls oil level

    Your engine is overfull. As others have said, you need to leave the engine off for a while to let the oil drain down back to the tank. Burp then check. I personally don't top up until it is consistantly low (over about 3 checks) unless it is below 1/2 on the stick, as it can vary a bit. When I change the oil and filter, I fill tank to top level. Start and run engine. Leave overnight. Recheck. Level will be lower as oil has had to fill oil filter. Top up and fly.
  11. My MATCO wheel bearings are non-adjustable, factory sealed. About $6.00 each from the local brg shop..... punch them out, punch them in.... too easy maintenance.
  12. So someone can make money....
  13. Downunder

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Any chance of a copy/paste for non FB users?
  14. Downunder

    Tacho Replacement

    You might be interested in one of these? https://www.tinytach.com/gasoline-tinytach A few models to choose from. Cheap, simple and easy to fit.
  15. Downunder

    Alternate organisation...deafening silence

    Taking on low end GA, Recreational and heli's straight off the bat is a big bite of the apple. Too big in my opinion. An organisation with no history and no reputation, it's going to be a long shot. CASA's massively risk adverse nature will simply stall on it until it dissappears. Better to start small, show competent management and gain some rapport within the industry. Build membership and expand from there. If the founders want all three types because that is what they fly, then I'm not sure what can be done.....
  16. Downunder

    Going bare

    Correction noted! Probably luck I didn't write "soul"......
  17. Downunder

    Going bare

    I prefer thin soled shoes and what's important for me is the sole at the heal. As I'm tall, I look for a minimal "heal" on the shoe. This surprisingly makes a great deal of difference in the angle of my legs, height of my knees and angle of feet to rudder pedal. Generally "runners" these days seem to have massive protusions on the heal but bicylcle shoes don't so much, so I choose from them.
  18. Downunder

    CASA Briefing Newsletter - January 2019

    The irony also being an internet connection is required, perhaps a paid account and suitable device...... yet casa pushes the "fallibility" and unreliability of internet connections and devices......
  19. Downunder

    Polluting Aircraft

    The time taken to travel and litres per person are relevant. (Litres per person per hour?) X thousand people on a cruise liner taking weeks Vs X hundred people on an airliner taking hours...... And regarding pollution, I guess the type of fuel matters too..... Is it any worse than one person driving their car back and forth to work everyday by themselves?
  20. Downunder

    Radio replacement

    All Aircraftspruce transeivers. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/categories/avionics_instruments/av/menus/av/comm.html The Trig TY91 looks good to me. I like the compact and simple "round" head. It looks more moden to me than the rectangular radios. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/avpages/ty91vhfradio.php $1500 usd will be about $2000 aud (Don't forget shipping, insurance, 10% gst on purchase and shipping, and gst recovery fee) So $1500 usd may end up closer to $2500 aud delivered I think....
  21. Downunder

    Radio replacement

    I have an Xcom which gets a bit hot (needs ventilation) but works fine and has not failed me. Horsham Aviation Services have provided me with excellent service and very reasonable pricing.
  22. An interesting article about the moving magnetic poles and navigation. Earth's magnetic poles are on the move, but it's nothing to flip out about https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-01-25/earths-magnetic-poles-are-moving-but-dont-flip-out/10727276
  23. Downunder

    Tell us about your last flight

    I think of it more as "All of this gadgetry STOPS me getting into situations where my skills may be lacking". A situation totally avoided is better than one requiring skills to get out of (whether you have them or not) ? Burning your ass on a hot vinyl seat in shorts.....
  24. Downunder

    'Fractured Dynamic'

    What if the problem IS the chairman....?
  25. Downunder

    Updraught cooling

    I believe "rule of thumb" is the exit should be 3 times bigger in area than the air entry area.