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  1. Sailing for me. 26’ Sonata Trailer Sailer. There’s four of us, plus pooch so it gets cozy, but always good fun.
  2. Looks like some of you Guys get some pleasure from typing too! ??
  3. I find it quite interesting that there is so much criticism and finger pointing in this post (including my own) initiated by the howls of distain about homemade aircraft. If we all applied as much criticism on our own performance whilst building and flying, instances such as this would undoubtedly decrease. We are all human and complacency is our enemy. Let’s remember first and foremost that someone has lost their husband, dad or brother here and look inwardly first.
  4. Hi All, With the new age of light weight electric bicycles and scooters, has anybody had any experience with them being utilized as transport between a destination Airfield and the local Pub? Lots of them now can achieve 25kph for up to 60km duration - more than enough I would have thought? Are we now far enough down the road to feel the batteries are safe during transit >A010. If so, I'd love your suggestions on which ones you have, or are using. p.s. - Two weeks isolation = 2 weeks of flying?? Bring it on! Geoff.
  5. Hi Guy. My regular local fly is along this coast - usually YBSS - YTQY - YWBL - YBSS (or a tweaked version) so I know the area reasonably well. It is correct you do get low cloud along this area but equally, it often is clear just off the coast due to the ranges running along it, so you can still get a fabulous fly/view on an otherwise cloudy day. YTQY & YBRS are usually quite busy on weekends with Parachute and Joy flight activity so care is needed. Once past Anglesea however, you’re pretty right to (respectfully) kick back and enjoy the view. It is certainly a good one and well worth
  6. Hi Kununurra, RPL with CSP endorsement achieved about 4 months ago and currently finishing off Nav endorsement. I’ve already begun training for both controlled airspace & controlled aerodrome endorsements which, when completed, will give me all I need as no desire (at this stage anyway) for IFR or multi engine. Ive done a number of cross countries but whilst doing practice flight plans, often use major centers as destinations- hence my questions. I simply cant wait to put them all into real practice! G
  7. Thanks Downunder - I do already have Ozrunways. I’ve still got to select the most suitable destinations on it though.
  8. Hi all. I’m very much a newbie and am only now beginning to stretch my wings and fly further and further from home. I fly an RV7A. In my planning, I don’t yet have the experience to know the airfield names or acronyms that are the most suitable to use when heading to large centres - eg if I was heading to Melbourne, where would I go to to find that it was either Essendon (YMEN) or Moorabbin (YMMB)? Is there a GA aircraft Airfield reference point somewhere or is it simply learn through experience/asking? Thanks in advance, Geoff (YBSS)
  9. Hello all, I live not far from this monument and pass it regularly. As a relatively new flyer and someone who is still getting a huge buzz from each flight, it struck me that day how brave Harry Houdini must have been. Can you imagine strapping yourself into into a fabric & wire contraption, getting it airborne - something that nobody else had done (officially) in Australia before, and thinking whilst at some speed and height, that nobody had ever landed before either? Do you reckon he checked his speed over the fence and remembered to hold it level, letting it sink slowly a
  10. Yeah, I guess so - compared to your F15....
  11. Great stuff Danny! I'm heading there myself - went solo in 2005 and now and back at it, going around in circles (circuits) again... I reckon I've got about 5 hours to go - got to nail EVERY landing, refresh on engine failures, flapless landings, crosswinds etc. Every good landing though, I'm buzzing. Doing it all in an RV7 so is a 'little' more twitchy than the C150...
  12. A naked bloke walks into a Psychiatrist's office, totally wrapped in Glad Wrap. After a brief pause, the Psychiatrist says, "Well I can clearly see you're nuts!"
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