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  1. Here in the response from the pilot’s union. Dear Members, As you will have seen on Monday, Qantas announced the employment of Simulator Instructors into the Qantas Group and pilots into QantasLink. AIPA has released the following points to the press and will continue to object to this abuse of the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visas: 1. Successive Governments since 2011 have been aware of the impending pilot shortage noting a Senate Recommendation to the then Gillard Government, “that the Government require the Productivity Commission or another suitable body to undertake a revi
  2. Whilst it all sounds complicated and difficult - I can assure you that it is pretty easy and straight forward. Even single engine landings in 100m vis manually flown via the HUD is not too difficult after a bit of practice. Bit off topic but - There are dozens of more difficult manoeuvres carried out by GA drivers in the bush, Aeromedical helo crews picking up the pieces of accidents, military helo pilots inserting SAS boys or picking up our wounded in some god forsaken spot in Afghanistan etc etc. We shouldnt forget all those others flying tough missions in much more exacting and dange
  3. I can help with this one. I am a 737 Captain with QANTAS. Firstly the ground installation must support low vis ops. This requires mandatory standards of ILS, ground lighting and transmissometers. Transmissometers are devices that operate in pairs to measure lateral visibility accurately at the threshold, mid, and end segments of the runway. Generally only airports with high end ILS systems have these as they are required to support the low vis ops - now installed in Perth only recently. The ground systems are categorised from CAT 1 through to CAT IIIIb. Perth has recently been upgraded to CAT
  4. Regarding using AVGAS in the rotax - I recently visited Ole who builds the hornet inTaree. He stated that there is no problem running the rotax on AVGAS provided you use the correct oil and adhere to a particular oil/ filter change interval. Apparently the lead can find its way into the gearbox and accumulates in such a way that damage can occur. He explained it very precisely but I have forgotten the exact details. His aircraft are are an extremely considered design that combines performance, endurance, high level of safety due to the structure, landing gear strength, control power, aerody
  5. Thanks everyone for the great info. I would be very interested in taking up your offer on the kitfox and hornet demos.
  6. Thanks for your replies. Take the example of operating out of Cooktown to explore within 100NM radius - maybe outlanding for several days on a beach or station strip with prior permission etc. You can fill up there on AVGAS using a credit card and then fly out to remote areas as required - easy to fill - however landing fees appply etc. However, if you had a ROTAX powerplant and were trying to maximise your use of MOGAS, then you would be comitted to getting a lift into town with collapsible bladders. Cooktown airport is a fair way into town. This would be unworkable if your aircraft car
  7. Hi everyone, Im new to the forum and intend to build a STOL aircraft for extended remote area operations. For those that already venture into remote areas - how do go about refuelling if you require MOGAS for your Rotax powered aircraft? I imagine it would be easier if the aircraft I was comtemplating building ran on AVGAS. Is this assumption correct? Im not concerned about the cost of fuel - just the ease and time it takes to refuel at a remote town/ airfield. My intended operation would be spoking out from a remote township for a few weeks at a time. Thanks for any ideas a
  8. Thanks for the welcome. The Savanah is a great aircraft - Control harmony in the other 2 just felt better for me - particularly the Foxbat - highly subjective of course. Tail volume does look a little light on in the Savanah - compared to AAK hornet for example - which I have not flown yet. I have a friend with a Savanah and he can really put it on the spot. My first question about operating in remote areas on MOGAS is about to be posted
  9. Hi all, I have flown a few aircraft in RAA category - savanah, sling and foxbat - handling qualities of the foxbat and sling were very good. I currently fly the 737-800 and I am an ex military helo pilot/ instructor. I still fly GA as an instructor with air force cadets and I thoroughly enjoy flying light aircraft. Looking to build a STOL aircraft soon for extended bush trips - hope to fly the AAK hornet ASAP. I have visited the factory at Taree several years ago ago and was very impressed with the engineering of this aircraft - unforetuneatly I still had 3 kids on my hands at that t
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