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  1. Try joining and posting on the Yahoo Flysoob group. That's where most folks who fly Subarus hang out.
  2. Some people have retained the carb as a backup fuel source. You'd just need a fuel valve between the stock pump and float bowl. Switch off ECUpower if there was some sort of partial failure. Most folks take the full leap and remove the carb though. A half million flight hours proves that the electronics is probably more reliable than the carb. You do have to keep feeding it electrons though and certainly some people have had shutdowns due to poor wiring practices, alternator failures etc. We recommend a backup battery or alternator in all cases.
  3. The 6 cylinder setup to do trim requires quite a few other parts to give redundancy- 2nd wiring harness and sensor suite, relay box, dual type programmer etc. You're looking at about $1300US extra. Could be retrofitted later and some of these costs could be saved by ordering the required dual sensors and programmer at first.
  4. We have delivered over 1500 single ECU aviation systems worldwide and another 400 dual ECU ones. The dual option exists mostly for peace of mind for those who don't totally trust electronics. We find about a 50/50 split in the last 2 years.
  5. We have around a 15 SDS EFI kits out there flying on 2200, 3300 and 5100 engines, some for many years now. I believe one used for flight training is closing in on 2000 hours now. Every one flying is using a single ECU and most are doing fuel control only- no spark control. We can do the individual cylinder fuel trim on 2200s with a single ECU, 3300s would require the dual board ECU. Injector bosses must be TIG welded to the induction tubes.
  6. Some modern auto engines are running up to 14 to 1 CRs on what we term regular mogas these days. Motorcycles have been running over 12.5 to 1 on the same fuel for over a decade- all due to CFD combustion studies and dyno testing. The ACE Lycoming engines were also capable of running over 10 to 1 on mogas.
  7. Website is back up. Server upgrade it seems. I'd mention that we also offer features that EFII doesn't- individual cylinder fuel trim, PC data logging, internal fuel flow output, thread-in injectors, custom length Tefzel harnesses, LOP switch etc.
  8. I just checked and our site seems to be down this morning. I'll check with the server people later today. BTW, EFII is a different company. We supply the ECU and other electronic components to them. Our mechanical components are all different.
  9. Yes, you can drive a second coil pack with one controller. Hundreds of people are flying with a single controller but most of the higher end aircraft owners are opting for dual controllers these days.
  10. Thought you folks might be interested in our latest development on an EFI kit for the venerable O-200 engine. Our prototype setup is running on the test stand now: [MEDIA=vimeo]221821595[/MEDIA] This does fuel and ignition control, eliminating the mags. Uses many of the same components as the Lycoming kits.
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