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  1. Thanks for your response. I recently just did and passed by BAK exam and although some HF questions were included, i am have been told that i must do a separate HF test as well. I will look into that but do you have any recommendations for an RA-Aus Hf theory book or where I could get just the human performance and limitations section from Dyson Hollland? Thanks
  2. Hi, I am a RA-Aus student pilot and I only have my Human Performance and Limitations test remaining. I purchased the Dyson Holland Ground Training Manual to use as my theory book for all the other tests although I don't seem to have the human factors sections. Does anyone know where I could get just the human performance and limitations section from Dyson Hollland? If not, does anyone have any recommendations for an RA-Aus Human Perf and Limitations theory book ? Thanks!
  3. Hi, quick question. Im a student ra Aus pilot studying for my bak exam. I know that atmospheric pressure decreases 1 hPa for 30 feet of height gained. So if the actual msl pressure is 1028 hPa but you set your altimeter to 1026 hPA, what is the height error and why? I know it’s 60ft but why is the height error 60ft lower than actual? Shouldn’t the lower qnh mean a decreased atmospheric pressure resulting in a reading higher than actual ? would appreciate all answers as really want to fully understand the reason. thanks very much
  4. I'm not buying a plane.all I want to know is how to calculate the cost per hour of owning an aircraft based on the video above?
  5. well in the case of the video, do you know what he does?
  6. would the total cost be the total fixed annual cost? how do I include the price of the airplane into the hours flown to get my rate at which it costs to own and fly?
  7. thanks, Well if you look in this video I know its american but I was just wondering what formula he uses to get his hourly rates from all his variables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKDvVL1qPVk:1
  8. hey so Its not for my plane or anything but more of a general calculator. all I want to really know is how I find the hourly costs based on fixed anual costs of maintenance and the overall cost of the plane and variables like that? what math would I do once I have the annual yearly costs of the plane to get?
  9. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could please help me? I am trying to get a basic calclator up for owning a plane. So once I have all my figures of the maintenance and fixed annual costs and variable costs and fuel per hour and everything on those lines. How do I get an hourly rate of owning and operating an airplane?? What variables would I need to include and what math would I have to do to get to that final hourly rate of owning and operating the plane based on number of hours flown per year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Just had my first solo a few days ago. Very fun, so much faster and overall a good time.
  11. Hey, at what amount of hours did people undergoe their RPC flight test and actually get their licene. I see flight clubs saying around 25 hours but I always thought around 30 or something how many hours did u have when you did your flight test and get ur licence? Riley
  12. Hey, So I'm a student pilot learning to get my certificate and I fly at an un-controlled airfield where we use the radio to broadcast positions e.g base, rolling etc. My question is, lets say you have an engine failure in the circuit, what phrase would you use?? MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY ?? or PAN PAN PAN. or would yhou just say Traffic [location] engine failure? thanks, Riley
  13. Can you hold the RPC and GA licence at the same time? How do you get both?
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