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  1. Electric Liquid Transfer Pump https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=145563413014106
  2. Look at the end of the day - attitude is everything, sounds like the shortage is produced in house. P.S. I'll stop replying because you have had the final say - no need to digress further and explore options surrounding other trades coming across. You are going to struggle getting them when mining as screaming for Fitters and Sparkies and there base rate is $130k with ability to climb into the first tier of management for $165k p.a (The kicker is they are happy to take green skins with very little experience and the work isn't FIFO).... Would you rather work on a $80,000 Cessna or a 17 mill
  3. Why cant tradies do a conversion course to switch over (I'm not interested in another apprenticeship - auto sparky since 2003) You would have experience from all walks of life and something I would gladly do..... I dont want to do 12hr shifts at the mine forever to make my $100+ k.... I would be happy to go back to $50- 60k a year doing something that interests me. At the end of the day the electrical work is the same, if not the mining MDG15 standard looks even more pedantic then any light plane wiring I have ever seen.
  4. I agree 100%, but you gotta deal with the old pilots who dont like change either. On the big equipment we use level sensors - then a secondary low alarm - Then obviously a low pressure sensor ..... Redundancy. This has got to be more reliable then checking the dipstick - Inflight you can be told whats happening with your oil - which gives you options. Cheers
  5. Fair enough mate, It works really well at work - plus we have a fuel shutoff valve - that is a really simple but effective design. Once the tank is full the fuel comes down and closes the input valve.
  6. ahhh copy that. Still getting my head around the fact you cant fix your plane. putting a T adaptor into your filter housing on the input side I guess is illegal Cheers
  7. If you are using a pump why fill it from the top? We fill from ground level at work with a remote filler point. Dry Break Fuel System - Receivers | Banlaw thats the coupling on the machine - but im sure that there is something cheaper you could adapt
  8. Happens with cars mate, First connection with a new battery the customer thinks that they have a drain and that you should find it for them for free (they only came in for a new battery), With an inline ammeter you can see the spike in the initial connection - then watch it plateau out. Cheers
  9. Lucky01


    Interesting little plane. Did the one in AU ever get up and running?
  10. Helicopter designer and pilot dead after crash near Okotoks By MADELINE SMITH StarMetro Calgary Mon., July 16, 2018 CALGARY—An Alberta designer of lightweight helicopters is dead after a crash northeast of Okotoks, Alta., on Sunday. John Uptigrove was the pilot of the ultralight helicopter that went down around 5:30 p.m., according to his business partner Dwight Junkin, the owner of Composite FX in Trenton, Fla. RCMP say fishermen called police after they saw the helicopter crash, and the 54-year-old pilot, from Rocky View County, was the only person on board. He was pronounced
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