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  1. Thanks Ian, My family and I are considering the move up to Airlie Beach area in the next few years and it would be another added plus to help entice the family.
  2. Hi Guys, My first post in a long time. I just was wondering if anyone new if you are allowed to take off and land (Use) at the Whitsundays air park. If not does anyone no the closest public airstrips close to Airlie Beach? Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm from Sydney, and love all sorts of aircraft. I've done 13 hours in a C152 around 8 years ago and then had a small siezure and was told i could never fly again so i stoped (very sad and XXXXed off). About a year ago i found out about Recreational flying and have done a few hours in a Airborne XT912 microlight and a jabiru LSA, both great fun but my dream is to own a near new jabiru. So i think i'll continue on with lessons in a LSA or J160. Glad i found this forum and look forward to sharing my love of aircraft with everyone. Cheers, Richard.:big_grin::big_grin::
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