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  1. Alternatively, put the “red cube” on one carby only and multiply calibration pulses/litre by 2. Have used this on a 912ULS with return line for over 5 years. Typically have less than 1 litre error per 300 litres of flying Every 500 litres or so drain remaining fuel and check/reset fuel qty. Franky
  2. Another technique is to put the fuel flow transducer in line with one carby only and assume that the other carby uses the same amount of fuel, ie balanced. This means you multiply the fuel flow calibration by 2. This works surprisingly well. I check the calibration every 500 liters or so and the error is less than 0.5%
  3. Hi Murray Increasing the voltage on the Ducati regulator used on the 912 ULS is achieved by inserting the appropriate forward biased diode in series with the “C” terminal and the battery positive. The regulator senses the battery voltage via the “C” terminal and when it gets to its preset level it will begin to turn the regulator off so that the float voltage is kept constant. By inserting a diode, the voltage at which the regulator begins to turn off is increased by the forward drop of the diode. The actual diode and type of diode to use is determined by the increase in voltage requi
  4. It is great tool to add to your situational awareness tools, along with eyeballs and radio. In the past 18months I have had a dozen or so occurrences where without adsb in I was completely unaware of nearby and potentially conflicting traffic, especially on designated vfr routes. Even when I knew exactly where to look on occasion I have not sighted the aircraft. It is amazing how many aircraft do not fly at hemispherical levels or on the wrong side or an air route. Also very useful when around airports with commercial traffic which almost always have adsb out. I wouldn’t fly without
  5. I would be interested to know if ozrunways takes into account adsb altitude referenced to 1013mb. If so, it would need to know the local qnh, where would this come from? Avplan can look up the nearest airport with a qnh and display that ( not used to adjust target altitude) Needs internet access though - not always available. Franky
  6. Hi Be aware of how you interpret traffic on EFBs. I use a flightbox adsb receiver with avplan. Great for an added input for situational awareness, but reported altitude and latency can cause confusion. Adsb targets recieved direct from a receiver or via being rebroadcast by the EFB provider have altitudes referenced to 1013mb. This means you need to add 30ft per mb difference if your local qnh is greater than 1013, or subtract if it is less. Targets recieved from avplan traffic live (same with ozrunways?) use gps altitude and therefore are closer to your qnh adjusted pressure alti
  7. It looks like the SSB batteries are all Lithium Ion Phosphate not Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries They are very different beasts. Franky
  8. Hi Bruce The ETX680 does have cell balancing circuitry and other stuff, see excerpt from manual below. I think the problem is that there spec for minimum charge voltage is a little low. ETZ - BMS All EarthX integrated BMSs continuously monitor each cell’s voltage as part of the cell balancing and over-charge protection. If the voltage of a cell exceeds the others, the BMS circuits will work to reduce that cell’s charge level. This ensures that the charge level of all the cells remains equal, even with the high discharge (> 100Amps) and charge current (>10Amps) of your vehicle
  9. A few observations on EarthX batteries, specifically the ETX680 This was installed in an aircraft with a 912ULS and standard regulator mounted on the cockpit side of the firewall. The fault line was connected to the EFIS so any fault condition was immediately apparent. Not long after install a fault condition was reported which after consultation with the manufacturer it was decided that the fault was indicating that the cells were not quite balanced. The suggested solution was to charge the battery at a slightly higher voltage (14.2v) instead on the 13.8v which was output from the ro
  10. I have had a stratux installed in my RAA LSA for about 6 months. I was prompted by seeing an increase in the number of GA planes who have adsb out over the past year or so. (using flightradar) I have had about 6 instances where see and avoid was inadequate and the adsb paint enabled appropiate action to be taken. It is a better solution than any method that relies on adsb receiving ground stations because you are receiving the signal directly from the aircraft with accompanying lower latency. You have to be careful interpreting altitude data because it is based on standard pressure and needs t
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