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  1. Allen Tromp

    What`s Happening???

    Hi. You might try Colin Alexander, owner of Solo Wings ( also known as Mr. ROTAX) in Tauranga, New Zealand. He currently has a Pipistrel for sale, and has also rebuilt a wrecked Sinus. I'm not sure if Micheal Coates still has anything to do with Pipistrel in Australia. Otherwise talk to the Pipistrel "Boss Man" himself, Ivo Boscarol in Slovenia.
  2. Allen Tromp

    Date location

    I'm with you on that comment Danny. Az a nold fula aaa lyke ta kipit simpul.
  3. Allen Tromp

    Recovering an aircraft

    Have a look at the simulated damage demo on the Oratex website. A ball pein hammer is used to dent the fabric on a control surface assembly. A heat gun is used to shrink out the dents back to a flat surface. For outback repairs involving punctures of fabric on critical surfaces, a patch and glue method can be used in the field, so you can fly home. The up front cost of the fabric is expensive. However, Oratex gives a significant saving in time and cash when compared to using the conventional fabric and paint covering method ---and NO TOXIC materials.
  4. I believe the photo shown in your article is of a Mosquito built by Mr. Glyn Powell and his team of volunteers in Drury, South Auckland, NZ. The aircraft now resides in Canada. Anyone interested in the Mosquito project might wish to contact Glyn. Having seen some of the construction at his workshop, I am astounded by the high quality of the work completed. Many component assemblies were constructed without original plans, using salvaged parts unearthed in various states of decay, from the four corners of the world, as patterns. It is a credit to the skills of the many craftsmen involved in the project, and an absolute joy to see airborne. Incredible given that in the day, everything was designed using pen and ink on drawing boards, and calculations done on slide rules -- Real Engineering, no computers - ( but then I'm of that era ).
  5. Allen Tromp

    Just landed.

    Many thanks Tony, much appreciated.
  6. Allen Tromp

    Just landed.

    Cheers Marty !
  7. Allen Tromp

    Just landed.

    G'Day. I am just returning to aviation after a few years earth bound. Originally a glider pilot, I now want to train in microlight /LSA aircraft with a view to constructing a kitset - (yet to be determined). I've accrued enough brownie points with "Err indoors" so now is the time to make some aeroplane noises. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Recreational Flying website, and the friendly exchange of ideas and advice from the many contributors. When I have something to say I'll post it. Until then, I'll say nowt. Keep your yaw string straight.