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  1. Hi Millie, Sorry to trouble you but you have experience with Sapphires and I have been considering purchasing one. I am new to flying, would a Sapphire make a good beginners aircraft (once the pilot is licensed) given it's fast landing speed compared to some slower craft? My concern is with engine outs, would it be possible or even help to fit larger tundra type tyres? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Richard
  2. Hi, Thanks for the info and the link Civil Aviation Order 95.10 - Privately built single place ultralight aeroplanes - Exemption from compliance with certain provisions of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (12/12/2004). Not sure what it means on the legislation site but there was something about "no longer in force"? Thanks again
  3. Hi, I'm new here so sorry for the potentially dumb question but is there an equivalent to the UK's SSDR single seat dereg type /class? I tried Googling it but couldn't find an answer. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info on the Quicksilver, I'll keep it in mind. It will be a few weeks before I get back. There seems to be very few ultralights for sale in the Perth region so I might have to look at bringing one over from the east coast, it was one of the reasons I originally thought about shipping one from the UK.
  5. Thanks for everyones comments, I'll be on the look out for an ultralight for sale so please let me know if anyone has one for sale. I'll have to consider different types as it is unlikely there would be an affordable Shadow for sale any time soon.
  6. Hi jimmy2shoes, Thanks, yes if you can let me know any details that would be great.
  7. Hi bexrbetter and fly-tornado, thank you for your comments, Yes, good old gum tree is one place I have looked in the past. In Queensland there used to be the print version of the Trading Post. I had a look online and it looks like Amazon have bought them out and are blocking the site to overseas viewers for some reason? Looks like I'll have to use a free proxy server service to view it for now. Thanks regarding the 40' containers, what we are taking to Australia would all fir in a 20' with a Shadow but shipping the household contents on their own is under £1000. The problem seems to be unless I'm importing a fairly new / low hour mush more expensive aircraft shipping will almost double the outlay. It looks most likely I will continue my hunt for an ultralight when I get to Perth.
  8. Hi Phil and Riley, Thank you for your comments, I would very much like to take a Shadow with me as they are few and far between in Australia unfortunately but after investigating and considering the shipping costs the price of the aircraft would at least double just to get it there and through customs quarantine. A 20 foot container was quoted as £2300 but only to Fremantle, I would have to sort out everything for it's arrival and processing which would add considerably more to the bill. As Riley kindly pointed out there seems to be more sense in finding something other than a Shadow in Australia. The only thing is there doesn't seem to be so many used ultralights for sale in Western Australia. Still, moving something from the east coast should be a lot less complicated than bring it from the UK. Thanks again for your help, does anyone know a very good used ultralight website like AFORS but for Australia?
  9. Hi, I'm new on this site and have been planning on starting training i the next few months. I'm returning to Perth Western Australia and am considering importing a home built Streak Shadow 582. The questions I have are can I train in Australia on a home built ultralight? Being a home built from kit aircraft (i did not build it) that is registered in the UK, will it be possible to register it in Australia? As I'm importing it and y suggestions on best methods and bio security? I've looked at self load containers and organising a customs broker in Perth but am concerned the budget may blow out with the related unknown checks, permits, inspections, duty and GST. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The aircraft has done 700 hours with a 582 mtow 408kg built 1990. Thanks
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