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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I shall be buying direct from the USA. I guess I would like to add my opinion on Poly Fiber; I find that when people don't like using a particular product, 9 times out of 10, they don't have a lot of experience using the product, and they're just not good at using the product. Call me arrogant but that is what I've found, not just in aviation but automotive as well. Personally I wouldn't use anything but Poly Fiber because I like using it. I continually get advice from people why I shouldn't use Poly Fiber products for one reason or another, but I find it easy to us
  2. I'm finding it almost impossible to find through a google search suppliers of Stits Poly Fiber in Australia, let alone Brisbane. I also cant find any pricing on Aircraft and Spruce catalogues. Does anyone know where I can purchase it and how much it is. I'm also unable to find suppliers of Scotchweld 2216 b/a epoxy resin glue in quart kits. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Happy new year all, finally got to make the tooling which makes it possible to fabricate drag braces., all the original jigs and tooling went to Abu Dhabi went the company was sold back in 98.
  4. I think it depends on a number of things, how much money you have to buy one, where you're going to keep it and whether it's registered RAA (numbers) or GA (VH - - -). Is the aircraft factory built or homebuilt, can it be flown in controlled airspace, and so on. Personally I think it is a good idea, as long as you can log the hours you fly in it towards your GA licence. You can pick up a Gazelle around 25-30, it's certified JAR-VLA, factory built 2 seater, able to be flown in controlled airspace, very cheap to run, certain maintenance you can do yourself, and they're ridiculously easy to fly a
  5. If you would like a copy of the type approval for your Fox, I can be contacted on 0431152150, leave a message and I'll get back to you. Other written matter available as well., including original FAQ's information sheet on the Skyfox. original advertising info sheet for the CA22 Elan (AUF), and CA25 Impala JAR VLA (GA). Will also consider offering copies of SA10, the complete wing building procedure's (16 pages including diagrams). Also have a copy of SA-4, which is the fabric covering procedures for the aircraft. I grabbed this stuff when the factory closed down. cheers Paul T.
  6. I have to wonder how many Skyfox Tail draggers are still flying, I'm also interested in purchasing a 22 or 22a for the right price, cheers. I can be contacted on 0431 152150 Would also consider a kitfox with a 912 engine
  7. Oscar, There is a hec of a lot of development going on nowadays, a lot of the previous problems you speak of have well and truly been worked out and overcome now. I really don't wish to get into an argument over the subject but if you really look around, especially in Sth Korea. WIG development has definitely not stopped. Wingship, Flightboat ...there's just 2. Complex to some.
  8. So the Eurofox is a waste of money?!!
  9. Come on facthunter, read what Oscar has said. No one has implied boats can jump up to 500 ft, that's just "plane" silly.
  10. Kyle, you'd have to ask Rob Stowe that, I'm not too sure why he hasn't gone ahead with it. Cash is probably partly to do with it, but the legalities could also be a problem since the actual owners, or the people who bought the company way back in '98 are in Abu Dhabi. Ultimately though, I believe it would require substantial cash to get it going again and even so, would there be enough demand given the plethora of similar 'craft available now anyhow. It would have to be well under the 100 k mark to be competitive, be able to achieve 100 knots cruise, and possibly need a new wing section and pr
  11. Yes thanks Mike, shall contact him tomorrow.
  12. Correct, and therefore a boat license is required, and not a pilots license. But in saying that, there is no way anyone without sufficient experience in low flying, or flying in ground effect, should attempt to operate one, that would just be asking for trouble. I'm primarily interested in the recreational market, once mastered it would be just sooooo exhilarating. I used to love flying the fox a couple of feet, actually about 3, flat out, down a particular beach until I realized the consequences of my actions if anything were to go pear shaped.
  13. yep, realize now that it just aint gonna happen, not that I can see anyhow.
  14. Hi Blue, Does he have the company/business Sea Eagle International? Please excuse my ignorance but I'm not sure how to pm you, I can be contacted on 0431 152150, I'm also Brisbane, And 80 knots, yes that's hilarious, but a boat license would be needed for my design. I certainly wouldn't let a person without flying experience operate it though. In my posting above I said "P.A.W.", should have been, "P.A.L.", power augmented lift.
  15. The above wige craft should be going into production next year. I would give pretty much anything to "fly" one of these.
  16. yes it is a wige marine craft and no it does not require a jet at all, that is incorrect. I've been researching these for almost 2 decades now. PAW power augmented lift is desirable but not essential, this one shall be powered by a Rotax or a rotary. Sth Korea are arguably the leaders in this field these days although there is a beautiful new design that should be going into production in Europe next year. The model above has been used in Russia for a long time now. A company in Cairns tried to get an 8 seater up and running some time ago in Cairns, the F8 Flightship but went down the tu
  17. What I will build one day....one day.
  18. considering there were nearly 100 skyfox t/d's built, I wonder just how many are still flying. I would love to own one, one day, one that requires a rebuild, but they certainly don't come up for sale very much at all. There must be some out there that would have to be almost basket cases by now, possibly be collector a'craft in the future. Taught quite a few people to fly in this one. Ah the memories.
  19. Tony Kerr was the chap I was referring to. I've never heard of Alan Kerr.
  20. Metalman, I enjoy your comments, they're always pretty much bang on correct when it comes to the Skyfox, especially the T'Dragger. I'm always amazed at some of the comments by the Skyfox "experts" who seem to know everything about the aircraft and the company, but in truth know very little about the fox and/or its origins. Personally I think they would be better off getting their facts straight before writing in this forum. I was just only recently talking to the former General Manager of Skyfox, and we talked much about the once great little company, so I know exactly what happened to the com
  21. Hi Richard, Mate I believe the wings have a 4000 hour life. I have never come across yearly hour limits., good point though, especially with the wing structures. If I were purchasing a 'fox that had lived most of its life outdoors, in "harshish" conditions, I would certainly be doing a thorough inspection of sorts. cheers paul.
  22. Dear Mr. Completeaerogeek, thanks for your words, keep them coming, you understand the difference between objectivity and subjectivity very clearly. Aviation definitely needs more people like yourself, de bunking ridiculous theories that have no place in aviation classrooms. You remind me of a friend of mine, a mathematician, very smart, objective and clever with words. Keep it up.
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