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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All Well the site rebuild is going absolutely fantastic and whilst I can't speak for everyone I am not experiencing any performance issues and I still have some ideas to increase the performance even more. The site is building and whilst all the quick things have already been added there is still a lot more to come which will be a bit slower however as sections are added we will run out of room on the Main Menu so I have come up with a proposed structure that I would like to get your comments on, it is based on overall site components of: Social - What's New, Forums, Clubs, Blogs, Events Media - Gallery, Videos, Articles, Aviation News Resources - Downloads, Maps, Links, Tutorials, Tools and Calculators Reference - Aircraft, On This Day, Famous People, plus any other reference items Commerce - Classifieds, Suppliers, Pilot Shop, Product Reviews Members - Leader board, Online Users, Staff, Site Support Other - Off Topic So the proposed Main Menu structure could be: What's New Forums Clubs Blogs Events Media - with sub sections of Gallery, Videos, Articles, Aviation News Resources - with sub sections of Downloads, Maps, Links, Tutorials, Tools and Calculators Reference - with sub sections of Aircraft, On This Day, Famous People, plus any other reference items Commerce - with sub sections of Classifieds, Suppliers, Pilot Shop, Product Reviews Members - with sub sections of Leader board, Online Users, Staff, Site Support (as it is now) Off Topic On a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 we have room for a total of 15 items on the main menu so with the above 11 that would give us some room to move for the future. Remember with this software, unlike Xenforo, we have the fantastic ability to create any new section we would want. What do you think? Is there anything else you want the site to provide you, aviation quizzes, member competitions, Chat Room etc...PLEASE TELL ME?
  2. When we talk about paying or not paying landing fee, I think pilots frequenting landing areas like Porepunkah and other outer rural location are happy to assist with a donation. Generally these ALAs have a dedicated group of volunteers doing the maintenance and most pilots enjoy/appreciate the work these people put in . GA which includes RA Aus and Gliding clubs are being forgotten and in some cases driven from air fields. Redevelopment of landing areas is a serious concern, some air field operators are looking for a short term gain ,but what are the local communities loosing and it not just an air field. Aopa, SAAA, RA Aus should and could do more to secure the access to descent facilities and tell the operators of the larger air fields give us a break . For my money, I tend to support regional ALAs and their communities as they need more help than larger regional operations. Someone should ask the larger airfield operators, is the small amount of money collected from individual pilots worth chasing pilots away from these regional centres ? My guess is that if airfield operators had a hard look at what it costs their local communities if pilots stay away, they might / should reconsider the fees imposed on the GA/RA pilot family and stop the destruction of such important infrastructure because if it continues it will put lives at risk . I understand Fee charging regional airfields retain very small portion of the landing fee after collection fees are deducted. My question Is it worth it.
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